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Does 360 scan for adware?

I was wondering if Norton 360 scans for adware. I just was on a page and did not realize that it had 2 threats for adware viruses. I looked up the adware virus on here and it did not list Windows 7 to be affected by it. I have Windows 7 so I am not sure if I should be worried or not. I just want to keep my computer safe because I go to school online and that would be bad if I was sending viruses with my documents.


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Re: Does 360 scan for adware?

Hi mskeckowski,

Yes, Norton scans for adware. I have got NIS 2010 (Norton 360 version 4 is based on the NIS 2010 scan engine), and when delving into the settings, you can see that it protects you against adware (among many other things):

Of course, please bear in mind that your security program and you are a team. Be careful about where you surf and what you download, and if you are using Mozilla Firefox, I suggest that you install the add-on NoScript :-)

Your Norton Ladybug.
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Re: Does 360 scan for adware?

Yes Norton NAV, NIS and N360 all have definitions for Adware


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