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double click?

ive tried to get rid of these 3 and they keep coming back

if deleted all cookies and cleared my cache from my firefox + steam browsers but they keep coming back

and when i look for the file name through a search their name exsists in seach but i cannot open them or the folder they are in becasue they dotn exsist?

tracking cookie: Cookie: robert pratt@atdmt.com

tracking cookie: Cookie: robert pratt@doubleclick.net

tracking cookie: Cookie: Orphan cleanup

its really starting to bug me that these 3 wont go away even after 2 months of trying

ok norton does remove but i can run a scan 30 sec later and its their again



Re: double click?



Firefox add-on ~~ AdBlockPlus with Easy List and Easy Privacy subscriptions

Allow First Party / Block Third Party

(Change Tracking Cookle setting to Ignore / Remove)


Re: double click?

Cookies are harmless. You get cookies when you visit any site.  Think of cookies like a business card saying "Thank you for stopping by". You can scan all day long but when you browse again they will be there. You can disable Norton cookie scan since its not really needed. Download CCleaner and rid yourself of unwanted cookies,temp files and history. It even lets you keep the cookies you want to keep fro  regularly visited sites.



Re: double click?

@ ITTechSS

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Re: double click?

Read this and it will explain all. Thanks.


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Re: double click?

Hi neochaos,

You can disregard Orphan Cleanup, as that is not a cookie, but is an artifact of the Norton cookie removal procedure.  The atdmt cookie belongs to an advertising affiliate of Microsoft, and it can be very difficult to eradicate.  You can opt out here, but note that an "opt-out" cookie will need to be substituted for the tracking cookie, so you will have to allow cookies from atdmt in order to prevent the tracking cookie from being set.  Ironic, no?

DoubleClick is an advertising company owned by Google.  As with the previous cookie, you can choose to opt out here.  Additionally, Google offers a separate browser plug-in you can install in order to remain opted out.  DoubleClick is also said to use so-called Flash Cookies which can regenerate the HTML cookie after you delete it.  To remove and block Flash Cookies, see this article:


Rather than opting out, by far the best way to stay free of these tracking cookies is to use the Privacy controls in your browser to block third-party cookies and delete all cookies except for persistent cookies that you specifically allow (for your banking site, for example) whenever you close your browser.  I have posted instructions for doing this in Internet Explorer, here:


SpywareBlaster, as bjm_ has suggested, will populate the Privacy Per-Site lists in IE and Firefox with the names of sites to always block from setting cookies.  This is an excellent way to keep such cookies off of your system.

Once you get your broswer configured, you may have to manually delete the atdmt and DoubleClick cookies as explained here:



Re: double click?

@ Topic

OP reports > << my firefox + steam browsers >>

I thought OP was somehow running Firefox with old Steam add-on

SendOfJive post prompted a Steam browser search.   New to my eyes. 

Thanks SOJ

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