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Fake links with firefox

On every page I visit I see semi-random words highlighted as if they were links, even on my own web site.  My primary browser is Firefox under XP.  It didn't happen with IE and it didn't happen when using the firefox on windows 9 (which I hardly ever use).  It doesn't happen when I open the test version of my web site on my hard disk.

Putting the cursor over these links brings up flashy ads which have nothing to do with the words highlighted, and clicking on these links will take you to unexpected places.

I've download and run several malware programs and, of course, Norton scans and Power Eraser, but the problem just doesn't go away.

In case it will help, attached is the HyjackThis report.

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Accepted Solution

Re: Fake links with firefox

Hi elfsoft,

This sounds like Text Enhance, which installs as a browser add-on.  Here are a couple of links with removal suggestions:




Re: Fake links with firefox

Thanks.  I didn't find text assist, but I did three other things, one of which must have fixed the problem.

I noticed that my Symantec Intrusion Preventer (add ons) was disabled, to I enabled it.

Using the "Set Program Access and Defaults" from Windows I found "To Assist" and "StartNow".  I have no idea what they do or how then got there, so I uninstalled them.

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