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Firefox 3.6 Compatibility Update is Now Available!

We have released a product update to address compatibility issues with Firefox 3.6 and the below products:

Norton Internet Security 2010 (IPS - Norton Toolbar already compatible in version 17.5)

Norton Internet Security 2009 (IPS and Norton Toolbar)

Norton 360 4.0 (IPS - Norton Toolbar already compatible in version 4.0)

Norton 360 3.0 (IPS and Norton Toolbar)

Norton AntiVirus 2010 (IPS Only)

Norton AntiVirus 2009 (IPS Only)

We began releasing the patch to the individual products as they became available earlier this week, and have completed the patch release to all of the above products. 

To get the patch, please run LiveUpdate to download the update. You may be required to reboot after running LiveUpdate.

Please note that the Firefox 3.6 Compatiblity Patch requires you to have the latest product updates for the version of your product listed above. Please run LiveUpdate and ensure your product contains the latest product updates.

If you are running a 2008 or older product, please visit the Norton Update Center to review your update options. Please note that 2006 and new versions are eligible for free updates to the latest version of the product you hold an active subscription to. 

Thank you for your patience while we developed and tested this patch!