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Firewall Blocks DirecTv DVR Access to Windows Media Player

I have just installed Norton Internet Security 2010 and would like to know how to configure the Norton Smart Firewall to allow access to my Windows Media Player by my DirecTv DVR.  I am using a Windows XP PC wired on a network with a Verizon wired/wireless Modem/Router.  I have enabled sharing on the Media Player and see the DVR checked as allowed.  However, the DVR can only access the Media Player files if I turn off the Firewall.  How can I configure the firewall to keep it on and allow this communication?  Thank you.



Re: Firewall Blocks DirecTv DVR Access to Windows Media Player



Welcome to the community!


I havent used DirecTv DVR. But does it have any kind of software installation on your computer (DIRECTV2PC). If yes, add the exe for this program to the program control list.


Click Network Settings
Under Smart Firewall settings click Program Control
Click Add and add that exe with an allow condition for the program


Let us know how you get on.



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Re: Firewall Blocks DirecTv DVR Access to Windows Media Player


Thank you for the welcome.  Your suggestion was exactly my first attempt at correcting this problem, however without success.  With much help from tech support we found the solution.  The problem was not outbound communication from Windows Media Center but rather inbound from the DirecTv dvr.

I went to Network Settings, Smart Firewall, Trust Control, and then copied and pasted the DirecTv dvr Address (found under Library, Media Sharing, Media Share Renderer, DirecTv in WMC) and then gave this address complete Trust.

SOLVED!  I now have full access.