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forgot password

Hello, I need some help here. I forgot my identity safe password! What do I do now to get back to where I can log in? Thanks, Paul



Re: forgot password

Hi pehhawaiiisland,

There is a procedure for resetting the Identity Safe password, but you will lose the data you have stored.  If you have previously backed up the information to a .npm file this will not be an issue, as you will be able to restore it.  Otherwise, you will need to begin fresh.  Instructions to access your profile can be found here:



Re: forgot password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it. However, if you reset the identity safe password, you will lose the logins that you've saved.

Below is the screenshot for your reference.

To get to the option to reset your password, enter an incorrect identity safe password twice. Then, you will get the prompt as shown in the screenshot above. But, it is advised to reset your password only if you are willing to take the risk of losing the logins that you've already saved.

Note: The screenshot shows the reset password option in Norton Internet Security. It will be somewhat similar in N360.



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Re: forgot password

Thanks for the reply, I found the password, I had it stored in my wallet!l I would have lost everything otherwise. I was lucky tonight! paul
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Re: forgot password


Looks like it might be a good piece of advice to tell everyone to back up their identity safe every once in a while just in case some one does forget their password. If it's backed up periodically, then you can't lose everything. I guess it should be done as often as people back up their data on their computers so it's ready in case of an emergency....

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