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Foxfire & Norton toolbar

I lost my Norton toolbar, all updates have been done up to how do I get it back?



Re: Foxfire & Norton toolbar

I lost my Norton toolbar, all updates have been done up to how do I get it back?


Re: Foxfire & Norton toolbar


Did you check under Tools>Add-ons in Firefox to see if the toolbar needs to be enabled?  Is it greyed out?

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Re: Foxfire & Norton toolbar

Hi Nixter

Welcome to Norton Community forum.

To address your issue properly, I request you to get back to us with the following details:

-          Which Operating system and Service Pack.are you using?

-          Current version of your N360 product?

-          Did you upgrade your N360 product over any other Norton product like NIS/N360?

-          Browser  (IE6/IE7/IE8/FF) you are using. Please mention the exact FF version?

-          Did you install any add-ons or any software after which the issue has started?

Please get back to us with the requested details and I will try my best to assist you to resolve your issue.

Meanwhile if your N360 product is working fine and you are not finding the Norton Toolbar particularly, please try the following steps:

For Firefox:

1-      Open FF . Goto Tools->Add-ons.

2-      Click on Extension.

3-      Select Norton related add-ons (Norton IPS, Norton Toolbar) one by one and click on Enable (you get the Enable button if the add-ons are disabled)

4-      Restart the browser.

For IE:

1-      Open IE 8. Goto Tools -> Manage Add-ons.

2-      Check the state (Enable/Disable) for the following Norton Add-ons

-Norton Toolbar

-Symantec NCO BHO

-Symantec Intrusion Prevention

3-      Enable the Add-ons by selecting the Add-ons and click on Enable button.

4-      Close and Open the browser again and check whether you able to find the Norton Toolbar.  

Thanks for posting.



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