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Ghost 15 import error: file Segment not match Catalog

I need to understand how to fix the Norton catalog so I can successfully import all my fbf files in the Recovery viewer by correcting the current "information mismatch" error Ghost is reporting.


I backed up a large folder on my hard drive (a logical partition on an RAID 5 configuration) to Ghost using File and Folder backup. Ghost created 175 individual file folders with 44,000+ individual fbf files. The entire Raid crashed.  I now must recover these critical client files. I backed them up to an external 1TB USB drive named T:\THP Photo BUP .

I imported using Ghost backup destination parent folder named File Backup Data.  It takes 10+ hours to complete the import. At the end I received the below error messages:

--Info 6C8F1C25: Cannot import items.

--Errors exist.

--The backup file information in the file segment does not match information in the catalog.

----Error E4BC0019: The file import failed

------The backup file information in the file segment does not match the information in the catalog.

--------Error E4BC0019:  The file import failed.

I found a hidden folder Ghost created called VPro Recovery. It contains the following files & information.




T:\Norton Ghost v12-THP L Drive BUP=.

T:\Norton Ghost v12-THP C Drive BUP=.

T:\THP C Drive - Norton Ghost v15=.


T:\THP L Drive Backup - Norton Ghost v15=.



TimeZoneName=Pacific Standard Time



The other file of two in this hidden folder is RestoreWizard.Dbg. I can't read the content of this file... it appears to be a binary file.

Compounding the problem:After I waited over night for the import to be completed and found the failure, I began importing each folder of fbf files (remember I have 175 of them the Ghost created). Each sub-folder imports successfully.  The recovery viewer limits display to 10,001 files. I had to create a methodology by sorting on date to do multiple Searches in the Recovery viewer in order to ensure I was Recovering every backed up file.After cataloging 13 folders in terms of the start date for the first file to be recovered and the end date of the last file to be recovered, I discovered that the file entries display after importing fbf files from the 15 folders I imported individually  contain the SAME Recovered file names. The data was no different. I'm assuming all 175 Ghost-created Backup Folder contain the SAME files and do not cover the scope of the back up I initiated with Ghost. I can't believe Ghost was be that 'dumb', so I'm expecting my data is correctly in the fbf files, but some database mechanism Ghost created isn't allow all the correct file information from the fbf files to be correctly displayed in the Recovery Viewer.Another issue is, I try to speed up the import process by create new sub folders and Moving existing fbf sub folders into these new 'containers'.  That's when I discovered Ghost was keeping tabs on the pointer files in a hidden file index. I figured this out because when I did the Recovery, it listed a different path name for the fbf file.I really find it hard to believe that my data is all contained in the fbf files spanning 175 folders. I simply need help to get these files unencrypted so I can gain access to fbf file contents, i.e. my data.  Suggested Actions:Can you kindly tell me how I can access what the Ghost error message referenced as the "Catalog" so I can analyze it in hope of fixing either the information or indexes so Ghost recognizes the different content I'm hoping it correctly saved in the different fbf files?
Is their an entry I can modify or add to the VProRecoveryStorage.ini file to fix this problem?Chat Tech Support Can't Help:I've spent house with Norton Chat tech support and consequently educated them on the 10,001 file limit of the Recover Viewer, how to methodologically recover a drive of backed up files, and how to help users who move their sub-folders in new sub directories fix that problem and still be able to recover their data. The Chat folks can't help me.Plea for Help:This post is my last hope now to recover my data. Norton Ghost engineers (or others) please help. I can do the leg work, I just need to understand your catalog and file architecture and how to change table entries back to working order.Ted 



Re: Ghost 15 import error: file Segment not match Catalog

Hi Ted,

Welcome to the forum. You did fine with the import but there is one thing you missed as you surmised. The catalog file which Ghost uses for this is not in the most obvious of places. I will outline the procedure below but I would like to make a couple of recommendations first.

You really do have an unusually high number of files being backed up via file and folder backup. Going forward you would have much better experience if you performed this backup as an image backup (Backup My Computer). The image backup will contain the backup of the entire partition which includes all documents and such that you care about, along with the OS itself if you are referring to the system drive.

Many people are surpised when I inform them that it is much easier to restore individual files from an image backup than from a file and folder backup, but it is true. Image backups are Ghost's strongest feature and the interface to restore files is SO MUCH easier and foolproof. You also don't get the 10,000 file limitation when trying to view what your backup contains. Further, with an image backup you can actually mount the backup image which then appears as a drive letter so you can actually restore via Windows Explorer if you wish. I should NOTE here that when done this way you will see the REAL filenames instead of all the .fbf encoded files!

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now.


I've never tried to import a file and folder backup this large but it should still work fine. To sync up the Ghost file and folder catalog database please proceed as follows:

Access start menu and type in the word services in the Search box (Windows Vista/Windows 7) or services.msc from the start menu/run box (Windows XP). When the services window comes up please search for the entry for Norton Ghost. Highlight this entry and Stop the service; this option will be located near the top left of the screen.

Then go into Windows Explorer to the following path:
C:\ProgramData\Symantec\FileBackup (Windows Vista) or

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\FileBackup (Windows XP)

Rename (do NOT delete) the catalog.dat file to something else.

From the Service window, click Start to start the Norton Ghost service again.

Bring up Norton Ghost and select Recover My Files from the Tasks tab.

Then from the File menu select Import Backup Destination. Browse to the parent directory where your File and Folder backups are located. Ghost will now import from scratch your file and folder backup data. This will rebuild the catalog.dat file you previously renamed.

Please let me know how it goes.



Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1, 64 bit, 32 GB * NIS Vers.* Ghost 15 * IE 9, Firefox, Safari. Test laptop with W7 Home Premium 64 bit * NIS Vers.

Re: Ghost 15 import error: file Segment not match Catalog


Thanks for your same-day response!. The suggested corrective action did not fix my issue and returned the same error messages, Can't import, with the identical error codes I listed in my original post.


I'm running Windows 7, 64-bit and Ghost 15.0, backing up a folder on a logical partition located on a 4-disk NVIDIA hardware RAID 5. My Ghost backup files are on an external USB 1TB drive.


I fully agree with your comments... the Ghost Recovery point is the way to go for all the reasons you listed. I was able to recover my system drive using my Ghost Recovery point and it worked like clockwork. Beautiful. The trick to File Backup is you need to organize your logical drives into grouping of folders that will fit (size wise) on your backup device such that you can backup the folder data you want using the whole drive specification. In other words, create a new logical drive for the Folder content desired to be backed by Ghost when that content is very large (like mine). The Ghost File Backup feature is frankly horrible... but the Recovery Point is wonderful, and mounting the Recovery for OS searches is simply easy and very useful. One should never use Ghost File Backup, only Recovery Points. I think Norton design the Recover viewer as an option to simply search and recover individual files, not to back them up. I wish this was documented so I wouldn't have known this in the first place.


I stopped the Ghost service. I renamed Catalog.dat to Catalog.OLD in the Ghost folder (C:\ProgramData\Symantec\FileBackup) . The OLD catalog file was 20,619 KB and the rebuilt Catalog.dat file is slightly smaller at 20,439 KB. 

After import, I clicked OK to remove the Ghost error message, and clicked Search to view the file listing Ghost 'recovered'. It's the exactly sub-set of files that I had before. 


It appears this is one of two things: Catalog is messed up or the original backup was messed up. My Ghost catalog is still not indexed correctly meaning the database pointers are perhaps going in wrong directions, or the 175 folders Ghost created with fbf files after I did my original folder backup actually contain duplicated data created by Ghost during the backup process. The fbf files the Ghost original created are unique so I'm prone to believe my data is in fact in that large collection of fbf files. I need another idea how to try and get to it.


I looked in my Event Viewer and found events spanning the time I kicked off the backup last night to this morning.

Unexpected failure. Error code: 490@01010004 | Source: VDS Basic Provider - this event repeated 18 times, beginning about 20 minutes after I started the import process and recurred every second until it apparently timed out.

After that I have a two Warning Messages. First: The content source <csc://{S-1-5-21-2628323758-1796537207-1713693832-1003}/> cannot be accessed. Context:  Application, SystemIndex Catalog. Details:  (HRESULT : 0x80004005) (0x80004005)

Second: The content source <mapi://{S-1-5-21-2628323758-1796537207-1713693832-1009}/> cannot be accessed. Context:  Application, SystemIndex Catalog 



(HRESULT : 0x80004005) (0x80004005)

Details: (HRESULT : 0x80004005) (0x80004005)


Backed Up Folder Structure:

USB DRIVE\\ THP Photo BUP THP L Drive Backup - Norton Ghost v15

File Backup Data



















... remaining 175 folders

I manually created the first 5 folders and under these folder the duplicate all the Ghost created 175 folders. This means there is two instances of the same fbf file name under the parent File Backup Data folder. I did this because when I originally reorganized the Ghost sub-folders to speed up my recovery, I used 'Cut' (not copy). Last when I restored the original folder structure, I discovered in a few instances, Ghost was looking to the 'Cut and Pasted' location to find the fbf files instead of the original folder it created and it couldn't find the file. When I recreated the folder structure containing the 5 folders, Ghost recovered the individual files OK. This was during the phase that I was trying to Recover the Ghost folders one by one (like Norton Chat tech support instructed me to).


1. Do you believe the duplication of fbf files caused by me reorganizing the Ghost back up folders is causing the Catalog to not work properly - meaning I need to delete the duplicate folders?

2. Do the error messages from the Event View suggest I have another problem I need to fix to properly recover my Ghost fbf files?

3. Should I copy the Ghost created back up folders to another drive or computer and try a Recovery using that approach to avoid whatever conflicts may be on my current system?

Any suggestions on the way forward here?



Re: Ghost 15 import error: file Segment not match Catalog

Hi Ted,

Thanks for the detailed update. I just created a new thread here outlining differences between File and Folder vs Image backups.

The main concern I have at the moment is regarding the files and folders you manually created. If you had manually created them in a completely different path than the actual backups done by Ghost, there would be no problem. But since you created them below the File and Folder parent directory, I could see where this would likely confuse Ghost and cause problems during an attempted Import. The end result would likely be unpredictable.

The catalog.dat is the one and only database used for this purpose. You probably noticed that when you started the Ghost service back up again (after renaming catalog.dat) that Ghost did not have anything listed when you first brought up the Recover My Files interface.

I would highly recommend removing (or simply moving) everything you yourself created below the File and Folder parent directory and try your best  to get this entire directory tree back to the way it was organized by Ghost, with nothing extra in there. Again, if you make copies of this in some other location altogether it would not cause problems with Ghost. Ghost will only import starting at the parent directory that you tell it to. It will not look elsewhere. But everything beneath that parent directory does make a difference and should never be modified manually.

If this still does not solve the problem we should probably uninstall and reinstall Ghost and probably use the Norton Removal tool to make sure things are properly cleaned out. More on that later if we reach that point.

Please clarify a couple of other things for me. Which drive are these file and folder backups covering? Is this for your system drive or some other 'data only' drive? Do you have an image backup for the drive in question? If you do have an image backup for this drive, then the file and folder backup is redundant and not necessary.

Thanks much


Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1, 64 bit, 32 GB * NIS Vers.* Ghost 15 * IE 9, Firefox, Safari. Test laptop with W7 Home Premium 64 bit * NIS Vers.

Re: Ghost 15 import error: file Segment not match Catalog

Hi Allen,

Restoring the folders to the original structure will be easy. I'll do that and kick off the import again.

Responding to your clarifying questions, the drive for which this Folder backup is covering  is my "L:\" drive... It's a logical partition I created off my RAID 5. It's not my System Drive... it's a data drive... but it if matters the System Drive is part of the same RAID 5 but on it's own partition (C:\).

No, I don't have an image backup or Recovery point for the data I'm trying to Recovery. That's another story... I actually created it and it apparently got deleted as I moved older Recover points off the drive that I thought were redundant to make space for newer Backups. To boot, a physical disk in my RAID failed in the process and we later realized the wrong disk was removed (not the bad one) and the RAID got broken (again another story how NVIDIA numbers the disks in the array 2-5 and the BIOS numbers them 1-4). As I focused on Recovering the C drive, I learned the Ghost Bootable disk expects the 32-bit verson of the NVIDA Raid driver, not the 64-bit version that my system runs. My RAID kept breaking until I did the recovery after loading the 32-bit driver and then it all worked as was recovered properly.

It's been a mess. I successfully recovered all my System drive data... but still need my data drive content back. But I'm not giving up yet.  Thanks for your continued support. More to come...



Re: Ghost 15 import error: file Segment not match Catalog


No luck. Import failed. All that changed was the time required to import was only a couple hours and the format of the error message changed:


-Info 6C8F1C25: Cannot import items.--Errors exist.---The backup file information in the file segment does not match information in the catalog.----Error E4BC0019: The file import failed.

-Info 6C8F1C25: Cannot import items.

--Errors exist.

---The backup file information in the file segment does not match information in the catalog.

----Error E4BC0019: The file import failed.


  1. Removed added folders from under Ghost-created File Backup Data parent folder so all that remained were the folders Ghost original created.
  2. Stopped Norton Ghost service
  3. Renamed Catalog2.dat to Catalog.OLD  
  4. Started Norton Ghost service
  5. Imported backup files by selecting File Backup Data folder
I have previously uninstalled Ghost 15 (although I did it with my modified folder structure) with no luck. I also copied a few of the folders to another machine where I have Ghost 12 running. The import was successful but only listed the same Recover files in each of the three folders (this is why I'm concerned Ghost may of duplicated the same drive data into to different, uniquely named fbf files).   WHAT'S NEXT?What else do you suggest I try? How do I use the Norton Removal tool?Thanks!Ted

Re: Ghost 15 import error: file Segment not match Catalog

phil456 wrote:
I have previously uninstalled Ghost 15 (although I did it with my modified folder structure) with no luck. I also copied a few of the folders to another machine where I have Ghost 12 running. The import was successful but only listed the same Recover files in each of the three folders (this is why I'm concerned Ghost may of duplicated the same drive data into to different, uniquely named fbf files).   >> I'm not sure what this means. Let's say you start with a full backup. Later Ghost sees there are changes to some of the files. It will back up that entire file again, not just the portion of it that is different. If this is what you mean by duplicate data then yes.WHAT'S NEXT?What else do you suggest I try? How do I use the Norton Removal tool?Thanks!Ted

Hi Ted,

See inline response above. Question, when you attempted to do the import and you got the error that the import failed, did Ghost have anything in its history or was it completely blank? E.g., if you bring up Recover My Files after the attempted import and then do a search does it show any files? Precisely when did the error show up? Was it at the very beginning or near the tail end of import operation? How far along was the progress bar?

If it failed at the very end it may well have imported all of the data and gave an error when it was doing final clean up.

Let's try to uninstall Ghost again without the Norton removal tool this time around. When you uninstall Ghost there is a point where it will ask you if you want to retain backup history, etc. Please answer NO to this. (Do you recall how you answered this question last time around?)

Once Ghost is uninstalled, please make sure the program directory AND the directory where you renamed the catalog.dat file are completely empty. Ghost may or may not completely remove the directory, if it does not please remove all contents in those directories by hand.

Once you have done that please reinstall Ghost and try the import again. I am becoming a little concerned that there may be something corrupted in the actual backup contents.



Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1, 64 bit, 32 GB * NIS Vers.* Ghost 15 * IE 9, Firefox, Safari. Test laptop with W7 Home Premium 64 bit * NIS Vers.

Re: Ghost 15 import error: file Segment not match Catalog


To respond to your question (inline text in Red font per your last post)... the Folder backup was done once, right before I upgraded to Windows 7. There is no file versioning, at least not because I did a second backup. So all the fbf files created represent "backed up data" from one point in time.

What's odd to me is Ghost created 175 folders containing 44,272 fbf files. When I imported just one folder say fbfFiles_5a0, and compared it to the results from importing folder fbfFiles_599, after clicking on Search and sorting the Ghost file results by Windows modified date, the files listed in the Recovery windows in each folder cover the same date range and are associated to the same Windows folder location. The file listing starts on 12/23/2005 2:58 PM and ends on 12/30/2009 3:02 PM. I found this true on all 13 folders I tested, specifically those ending in 5a0, 5a1, 5a2, 5a3, 5a4, 5aa, 5aa9, 5b0, 5b7, 50a, 59b, 510, 599 (see listing in previous post).  It's like I have 175 copies of the same data. What relationship is there between a fbf file and a Windows (file or folder), is it one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-one?

I didn't get any different or positive results after the last round of suggested troubleshooting. I uninstalled Ghost, said no to whether I wanted to keep my backup history (I said Yes in previous uninstalls- saying no this time didn't change the results I received). Interesting I couldn't delete the Symantec data folder from within Windows (normal mode). I had to boot to Safe Mode in order to delete the Symantec folder. The only thing remaining on my disk was the Norton Live update application. I didn't realize it was still installed until after I had reimported the File Backup Data folder content.  The import goes a lot faster now (meaning it doesn't take 10+ hours to complete. It only takes around around two hours or a little less). I received the same error after importing. Another note: The Catalog.dat file is the same file size as it was before: 20,439 KB.

In response to your other questions from your last post... When I go to Recover My Files, I get an empty screen. That is there is no file listing prepopulated in the Window when it first is displayed. I have never opened this screen the first time and had files prepopulated in it. I select File > Import Backup Destination and choose the File Backup Data folder, and it begins import. After it's done it displays the error message (see previous post). The "Find files to recover' windows are all empty (i.e.. no import results are displayed yet).  I click Search button and it displays the first 10001 files that were imported (even though I received an error message after the import). I sort the files by modified date and document the date of the first file and the date of the 10001 file, do a Recovery (I select overwrite previous file to avoid getting duplicated Recovered files). I search again using Advanced Search. I use the 'after' parameter and enter the date and time of the last file from the previous Search screen. This will display the next listing of 7,118 imported files. I select ALL and recover that set of files. That's it however, there are no more files to recover according to the Ghost recovery screen after the second screen of imported files.

When I search for the fbf files on my external hard disk in the File Backup Data folder, Windows tells me there's 44,272 files. When I go to Ghost to Recover my Files, it is done after two searches totaling 17, 118 files.  This is why I ask you above what the relationship is between fbf file and Windows file. It seems to me if Ghost is working right, I should at least have 44,272 files it Recovers based on the number of fbf files Ghost created on my hard disk. I don't know if Ghost perhaps errrored and created duplicated copies of my Windows files or if Ghost correctly backed up all my files and Ghost just can't read them all (due to the database or catalog or import issue).

Does the number fbf files on my HDD suggest my data is still present?


Can you help me understand why I see 44,000+ fbf files on my HDD but I can only view 17,000+ in the Ghost Recovery window? 

What do you suggest we do next?

Eagerly anticipating your thoughts and suggested next steps.

Thanks again for all your support!



Re: Ghost 15 import error: file Segment not match Catalog

Hi Ted,

Thanks for the update. Based on everything you've told me I think all your data is there after the import, despite the "failed to import" error. The fact that it fails at the very end is not the worst sign. What I mean is that any failure is bad but being at the end tells me that it did in fact import the vast majority if not all of the data.

Regarding the number of FBF files. It is normal for there to be more of these than files you have backed up. Depending on how many file versions you have told Ghost to keep around will largely determine how many of these you have, relative to the number of actual files.

Let's say there are 4 .fbf files for one source file. Each of these 4 .fbf files represent one version of that file. A new one gets created each time Ghost sees a change to that file. E.g. Ghost does not overwrite the first file, it makes a new one for each version.

Here is how to tell if everything was imported correctly. If you check in Windows Explorer and get a count of how many files should be present in the backup. Then in Ghost do a search like you done before by date, the numbers should at least be close.

I'm thinking that Ghost might be having trouble because of the sheer volume of files. You could try an experiment and copy a smaller subset of the backup location into a TEST directory. Then rename the catalog.dat as before and try to import this test directory. If that is successful, then chances are that the size is what is causing the problem.

After the test you can either reimport the data from the "real" backup location or even easier just rename the original catalog.dat back to the normal filename.

I would suggest again that going forward you would really have better luck with Image backups.



Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1, 64 bit, 32 GB * NIS Vers.* Ghost 15 * IE 9, Firefox, Safari. Test laptop with W7 Home Premium 64 bit * NIS Vers.

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