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Google Chrome and Norton Toolbar

Good evening:

I've read in the Norton Community that the Norton Toolbar does not appear when using Google Chrome.  I use Google Chrome, and noticed the same thing; however, does anyone know if the Norton Toolbar will be supported in Google Chrome with the release of NIS 2011?



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Re: Google Chrome and Norton Toolbar

Hello John,

I cannot speak for the final release, however in the current NIS 2011 Beta version, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (and above) and Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (and above) are the supported browsers.

Sorry that I don't have more information for you.

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Re: Google Chrome and Norton Toolbar

Hello John

You can see what has been suggested and what will be in 2011 products in the New  Ideas section of the Forum. There is one suggestion already listed in that section about Chrome browser and you can see what will be added. You can also make a suggestion about Chrome and the Norton Toolbar there or add to the comments about Chrome that is already there. Norton does listen to some ideas given by  customers, so maybe if you suggest or add to the suggestions, you might see it available in the future. Here is the link


Please add to that thread or make another one if that one doesn't fit what you are looking for. Thanks. Let us know if you do post in that section.

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