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How to add an exception to norton 360 v4

Hey I  currently have norton 360 v4 and it is detecting and deleting a false positive but I do not know how to add an exception to norton? 



Re: How to add an exception to norton 360 v4


open Norton 360, click on Settings, there AntiVirus Settings, and there you will be able to find the exclusion settings.

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Re: How to add an exception to norton 360 v4

Hello AxArchy

I would submit that file to Symantec to analyze it further. If it is really a false positive, they can then adjust their definitions. Please follow these steps.

Please use this link if you think that a file is a false positive:

If there is a possibility that the file might be infected, please submit it to Symantec using this link:


Another alternative which is fast you can use Threat Expert:


(Thanks to Yaso for providing the links)

Please try this and let us know the results. Thanks.

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Re: How to add an exception to norton 360 v4

Refer to the instructions here:


Make sure that you add only the files which you trust or use as legitimate. If you wrongfully add a file associated with threats/malwares, it may be dangerous to your computer.


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