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How to cancel Norton 360 Pay-Trial subscription?

I hope that this is the appropriate place to post my brief inquiry for help on the subject. 

yogesh_mohan wrote: 

To avoid being charged, simply cancel your Opt-out Trial order at any time before the 30 day free trial period ends. You can simply follow the steps below to cancel your order at any time before the 30 day free trial period ends and you owe nothing - no obligations.Full cancellation steps are provided on the confirmation Web page after completing the sign-up form. In addition, you will receive a pre-billing email reminder seven days prior to the end of you trial which also contains the steps to cancel your trial. These instructions are also found in the order confirmation e-mail sent to you.

1. Click here to go to the order status page.

2. Login using either your Order Number and password or e-mail address and the last five digits of your credit card.

3. Press the "Find Your Order" button to view the product to cancel.

4. Go to the bottom of the page and press the "Cancel your Order" button.
5. You will then see a Web page confirming your cancellation.

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  I have tried to cancel the trial using this method, but I am facing a slight issue.  I started the 30 day trial on 1-Dec, so time is not on my side.   I do not have an order number.  I have received neither a pre-billing e-mail or an order confirmation email, and the order history section of my Norton account literally notes, "There are no orders in your Norton Account at this time."  I need to cancel the service until a later date, but there is no record of this anywhere. 
 I am baffled and appalled by the careless nature of this trial.  I now have serious reservations with including Norton in my final decision for computer security. I didn't think that there would be an issue like this.  I had positive feelings toward Norton products going into the trial, but the handling of my information has left me with an odd unsettling fear toward Norton's ability to provide a great service.  The actual product is good, but the lack of information surrounding my account is deeply troubling.
I just want some help to get this resolved before it's too late.  I do not even need an explanation.  It is frustrating enough to fall through the cracks.  I still have very little reason to believe Norton is using any deceptive practices.  This situation is probably just an unfortunate glitch. 
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Re: How to cancel Norton 360 Pay-Trial subscription?

Hi doreap,

Please contact Symantec Customer Support - you can chat with them for free at the link below. Please tell us how it goes - thanks :-)


I have asked a moderator to turn your post into a thread of its own. 

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Your Norton Ladybug.

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