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How do I turn off background notification?

Hi everyone,  I just have a quick question.  My is hooked up to the TV in my bedroom and I set my computer to a picture on a slide show each night (like a hubble shot), but now with Norton AV 2009 this notification comes up telling me about background stuff.  What is a background notification doing in the frontground?  I think last night it must have taken the focus off my slide show picture so the computer went to sleep after a while.  I like the fact that it's doing stuff while idle, but how do I turn off the notification?





Re: How do I turn off background notification?

Hi Sweetchuck,


If you want to disable the notifications, you may need to do that for each component of Norton program such as Intrusion prevention, Autoprotect etc. Also, disabling the notifications may sometimes harmfull for you since you won't be knowing the security information from your Norton program such as whether any security risks entered into your computer when accessing Internet and whether Norton program is able to block that. Instead of disabling the notifications, the best thing you can do is to enable the Full Screen Detection and Silent Mode from your Norton Antivirus 2009. It is under Miscellanious Settings.


When you run an application in the full-screen mode, such as when you watch a movie, play games, make a presentation or when a screensaver runs, Norton 2009 program detects the application and switch over to Silent Mode. In Silent Mode, Norton program suppresses most of the alerts and suspends background activities. Only those activities run that are involved in protecting your computer from viruses and other security threats. Minimum background activities also ensure high performance of your computer. The activities that are suspended run after you finish using an application in the full-screen mode or when the application exits from full screen mode. You can also disable the Idle time scanning manually, so that Norton program won't run the scan when your computer goes into sleep mode or idle.



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