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how to load norton on my new pc ?

hi I can reload norton up to 3 times by my subscription (nis 2011) I currently use it on xp 32bit so how do I go about loading a 64 win 7 version to my new laptop? thanks :)



Re: how to load norton on my new pc ?

Hello artfreak

First of all, you would have to make sure that there isn't any other security program installed on the new computer. If there is any other security program, please get the removal tool from the other company and save it to your desktop.

Please go to www.mynortonaccount.com to retrieve your current key.

If you would tell us which Norton product you have currently, then we can give you the link for your product and then you can download the product and save it to your desktop.

Once you have the saved install program on your desktop, then you can first uninstall the preinstalled security program using the control panel and reboot, then use the removal tool from the other company 2 times with a reboot after each run of it.

Stay off the net until your Norton product requests to get back on the net and insert your product key and activate it. Then run live update until no more updates.

We do need the product name and version that you are curretly using to give you the proper link for your Norton product. Thanks.

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Re: how to load norton on my new pc ? nis 2011 on my xp 32bit machine now...will be win7 64bit.

Thanks floplot :)

Hey how will it know Im allowed to install this on a new pc?  What will it ask me for, Hope I remember pw's LOL.

Would you run the lite' version of 2011 on laptop?  Its a intel 500gb, 4gb mem etc...

I understand win 7 comes with security but I imagine turning it off and loading norton is advisable eh?

I will run norton removal tool for free trial norton inc'd.

Hey thanks :)

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Re: how to load norton on my new pc ?

Hello artfreak

If the new computer already has the same program on it as a trial, then you can use the trial and just before it is over, you can install the key from your current subscription.. If the trial is for a different Norton product, then you would have to first unistall it using the control panel method and reboot. Then you could use the removal tool.


Please run live update until no more updates and then reboot.

If you have a subscription for up to 3 computers and you still have activations left, then it will pick that information up when you enter your key from your current subscription.

Please come back and let us know how you made out. Thanks.

Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit NS with BackUp I E 11
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Re: how to load norton on my new pc ?


I'll let floplot continue to deal with the installation/subscription aspects -- there is no problem in doing this; I have several times.

Having made the conversion of an XP machine to a WIN 7 machine I'd just like to strongly recommend that you study the special pages Microsoft have on how to do this. They are superbly put together.

This one is very very useful:


I used Windows Easy Transfer to move over data files and things like my outlook express mail and later import into an email client -- ending up with Windows Live Mail.

Although there is a copy of WET on the installation disks DO NOT USE IT! The link in STEP 2 is to a more recent version and the difference is staggering. As they said when I downloaded it last year "We listened to what you said" !

When you start WET it will run automatically but after it scans the XP disk to see what it can move I found an advanced setting although I'm not sure what they called it. and it's not mentioned.

I mention his because when you invoke it it brings up a tree diagram of your computer (Mine had 3 hard drives in 12 logical partitions plus some USB externals!) and the folders and files just like you see in My Computer with check boxes -- I think those it will transfer automatically are already checked but if you have your own special folders for special stuff you want to move then you will find being able to check those invaluable.

But ignore all this (except for not using the WET on your Windows 7 disk) if your PC is simple and not much laden!

If you'd like to go into more detail we can continue in Tech Oupost here which is intended for non-Norton stuff!


Re: how to load norton on my new pc ?


Don't automatically delete the program that is on the new computer if it is a Norton product.

Some do come with Norton Internet Security on them, which I would recommend to use in any case and recently I've heard of the trial period being 15 month! But more often it is 90 days. But even so it's a saving and you can still update it with the latest version if it is not.


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