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How long to install version 4?

How long does it take to install Norton 360 v.4? Mine has been installing for close to 2 hours and when I try to close the download manager I get a message that the installation isn't complete.

Plus, I have another window that says installation is finished and that I need to restart my computer.

Anyone know what's going on?




Re: How long to install version 4?

Hi scooterpionus,

It should usually install in a few minutes - installation is usually very fast, and something is definitely wrong if it has been taking 2 hours to install.

Were you able to stop the installation process (you can open Task Manager and terminate the installer) in the meantime?

Also, please tell us what kind of operating system (including service pack) you are running, and whether you had any other antivirus software installed before installing Norton 360 version 4. Thank you :-)

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Re: How long to install version 4?

Hi Scooterpionus,

Welcome to Norton Community!

Restart the computer first, and check whether you are able to open Norton 360. If you are able to open it, run LiveUpdate and then run Full System Scan. This means that you are able to install Norton 360 successfully. Let us know the results.



Re: How long to install version 4?


I followed your instructions and everything worked perfectly.

Thanks a lot!

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