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Identity Safe doesn't work!

Since Identity Safe in Internet Security 2010 only works with some and not all websites it is absolutely pointless. I will continue to use Roboform which works flawlessly for every website. Can anyone tell me how I can switch the **bleep** thing off and why it doesn't work?

I am using:

Windows 7 Ultimate

Firefox 3.6

I can't understand why Norton Identity Safe is so useless!



Re: Identity Safe doesn't work!

Welcome to Norton Community,

Sorry to hear about the problems you've encountered with Identity Safe.

Identity Safe works with most of sites except for the sites which use Ajax (dynamic & asynchronous scripts). You may try the following options.

1.Upgrade norton to & reboot the system

if the issue still persists

2.Reset the "Securely collect and store" setting (from web settings->Identity Safe)

3.Backup and Restore Identity Safe data (from web settings->Identity Safe)

If possible, run Windows update

Please list the sites that Identity Safe does not work. We'll analyze those sites.

Thanks in advance,



Re: Identity Safe doesn't work!

Thanks for your advice but everything I have is fully up to date and the sites that don't work are (https) secure ones! Why can Roboform handle these and Norton can't?


Re: Identity Safe doesn't work!

Could you tell us the sites Identity safe not working with? We'll analyze those sites.


Re: Identity Safe doesn't work!

With respect, I don't see why I should reveal my web activity to assist a huge company like Symantec to fix a problem that shouldn't exist anyway. Identity safe claims to do things it actually can't do. I purchased the product because I wanted to limit my installed software to as little as possible. Norton Internet Security should have allowed me to cease using Roboform but now I have to run both or just not use Identity Safe! If Roboform can manage to autofill each and every login detail for my needs Indentity Safe should be able to do the same. I am very surprised that Symantec would release software that claims to do something that it can't. If I could, I would ask for my money back but software vendors are immune to normal trading practices.

It has been 15 years since I used a Symantec product because it was always a "Memory Hog" but at last, that seems to have changed. However, I can't believe that there is no option to tell Auto Protect to allow you to decide which file should be deleted before it Norton destroys it. I had to purchase a file recovery program to restore a file that Auto Protect deleted. That really sucks!

So, please don't ask me to help you fix a problem with Identity Safe that other vendors don't have! Idenity Safe doesn't work and you have confirmed that. I have paid for a product that doesn't work!

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