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Identity Safe not working at all.

I have used this feature for a couple of months now, however, today it is not working. None of the settings appear to have changed. I am able to log-in & the option to auto-fill when I visit relevant pages is still selected, however, I have tried visiting numerous pages but it fails to populate the details as it should. I also created a new password for a new site today & DIDN'T get the usual prompt asking me if I wanted to save the details to NIS. Everything looks like it is working, but it just isn't.

I have tried re-setting / re-starting to no avail. It just doesn't work. I use Firefax 3.6 but updated some weeks ago, so unless they downloaded something that I am not aware of, there have been no changes.

Any ideas?

I resisted using this feature for some time because I thought if something stopped working I might lose all of my passwords. I am therefore glad I kept up my old trustworthy back up (known as paper & pen!) so I still have them. To be honest, the convenience of having used Identity Safe for a few months has already been offset by the time I have spent today trying to figure out what's wrong, so unless there's a simple answer I'm not going to waste much more time on it - I'll stick with the convenience of a sheet of paper, my fears having come true!



Re: Identity Safe not working at all.

Please try the following (provided by Symantec employee Thalir) to reset the Identity Safe database and reload your saved data.


Let us know how it goes.

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Re: Identity Safe not working at all.

Pleae make sure that the following option is selected in Identity Safe Options->Logins : "Securely collect and store my logins and offer to fill those logins.."

Please check if Norton toolbar is enabled in Firefox and no error message with Norton add-on (Check in Firefox->Tools->Add-ons)

Check if there are sites listed in Autofill exclusions, if so, delete them.

If prompt is not working for specific sites, you can also add the login manually from 'Manage Logins' .

Is it the issue in Firefox only?  Is Identity Safe prompt coming in Internet Explorer?

Is this occuring for all the sites or specific sites?




Re: Identity Safe not working at all.

Yes, I had checked the settings yesterday & they were all as they should be. Firefox add ons are also OK. I hadn't checked via Internet Explorer. The problem appeared to be with all sites - not that I checked every one, simply a random sample of about half a dozen. As mentioned, I did not get the offer of saving a new password on a new site either.

Anyway, I shan't waffle on any further because despite this problem occuring over all of Saturday & Sunday & across several re-starts during that time, it is now working normally again today!  I random checked the same half or dozen sites that I went through yesterday. I also visited that new site & got the offer to save the password.

Weird, but seems to have righted itself. And yes I was definately logged in to Identity Safe!

Thanks for your help & suggestions though.


Re: Identity Safe not working at all.

Though we were not able to narrow down the issue, good to know you are out of the problem now. Post us back if you have any other issues and we shall help you.

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