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iPhone Security

Norton should consider developing an iPhone security package that both mirrors and interfaces with Identity Protection--i.e., secure login ID's and passwords for web access from the iPhone.  Thus, the user only has one set of security tools to manage, whether using their WIndows PC or their iPhone.  Along those lines, Internet Security (firewall, e-mail scanner, anti-malware) protection for the iPhone would be a welcome addition.

I'm pleased with Norton 360.  As a new iPhone user I'd like to have the same services available on my iPhone, which are integrated with my Windows PC so I don't have to worry about managing two sets of Identity Protection.  I've looked at a few of the password security apps available and all I can say is you obviously get what you pay for.

Lastly, an integrated (with 360) data vault function--both Windows PC and iPhone--would be great.  Having a secure place to store credit card numbers, passport info, etc. Would be fantastic.


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Re: iPhone Security

I agree with MichaelD.   The need is obvious

--the iPhone is in open communication w. the internet, and incorporates no security features that I can discern.

--iPhone has an interface w. home computers, and it isn't clear to me that the synch process is protected.  I scan after every synch session, but.....

--under more than 1 occassion, I have gotten some kind of spurious e-mail on my GMail account on the phone that does not appear on my desktop.  These messages are not deletable from the iPhone.

--it's not clear what apps on the iPhone are real and which are bogus.  Bogus apps can do some real damage.

I have no idea what security features an iPad has, but given iPhone's performance.......

I can easily conceive of some schemes whereby a malicious user could bring down the entire ATT network using an iPhone.

This is potentially a huge market--how many iPhones and iPads are out there?


Re: iPhone Security

I'm supporting the idea. Although I do know Apple is more difficult than Google with these kind of apps

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Re: iPhone Security

Please develop security for iPhone!!! I really like my Norton Internet Security and would like my iPhone to have the same security.


Re: iPhone Security

Hi everybody:

"For the iPad (iPhone, iPod) stay tuned.  Norton Snap has been released for iOS and we will have other apps and services in the next half a year or so." from the original thread:


Please keep in mind that iOS by design is a very secure Mobile OS, as it is!

Hope this helps.

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