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Live Update Errors

I'm having an issue with Live Update lately. The updates are taking much longer than usual and it won't complete. I'm getting this message:

Installing Firewall Program Updates (1 of 1), errors occured during update.

Installation failed, error summary...

LU1801: Live Update was cancelled. You should run Live Update again later to retrieve any available updates.

Live Update session is complete.

Every time I run it, I get the same message, and it says updates needed and Fix Now, specifically Protection Updates and Spyware Definitions. I have searched fixes for the "LU1801 error" and neither option has worked. Any suggestions?



Re: Live Update Errors

You may want to try downloading the updates with intelligent updater (link below) and seeing this resolves the problem.


Please let me know if this does not help. Thanks! 

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation

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