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Lost my Norton 360 and can't find it or get it back

Had a problem with my laptop took it to a reputable repair place, they discovered three viruses.  The viruses were removed but, in the process, assorted programs were deleted.  Don't know why but, since it's done, it's a moot point.  One of the programs was my Norton 360 that I purchased in November 2007.  I thought I could download it again but I couldn't find my order anywhere in Norton.  I have my 2007 Order #, Key #, Activation #, etc.  As my 2007 subscription is about to expire (on 11/20), I thought if I renewed the subscription I could download it again.  I paid the $79.99 and found that I either cannot download it or I'm too dimwitted to do it. I was hoping Norton had a chat line like some merchants do but they either don't or I'm too dimwitted to find that as well.  I'm currently without protection except for what Windows XP offers.  Any help out there???



Re: Lost my Norton 360 and can't find it or get it back

Welcome, garyasp. You will find several support options, including chat, here:  Norton Support
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Re: Lost my Norton 360 and can't find it or get it back

Welcome to the Norton Community

Thank you for contacting us regarding the issue you are having with your Norton Product.

Hi garyasp

You can download Norton 360 from here - choose the correct version that you had or you will not be able to activate it using your product key

Norton 360 Standard Edition

Norton 360 Premier Edition

Install it and use the product key that you currently have. If your subscription is still current then the Symantec subscriotion servers will activate your installation.

You can also find your activation key in your Norton Account by going to www.mynortonaccount.com

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