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This forum thread needs a solution.

My Scan doesn't work

Everytime I push a Quick Scan or a Full System Scan it never works. When I press either of them all it does is pop-up and say its working when its not. I have a (Norton Antivirus 2010)



Re: My Scan doesn't work


can you give us some extra info?

- Which Windows OS and service pack do you use?

- What is the exact version number of your Norton product (main window -> Help & Support -> About menu, it must look like this:

- When did you installed NAV?

- What was your previous security product on the machine?

Plus try this:

1. Click on Start Menu

2. XP: Click on run, and type navw32.exe /a and hit enter; Vista/7: type the same text into the search box, and hit enter

3. Let the scan run until it's finished

Let us know the results.

Windows 10 Hungarian, Norton Internet Security v22.9.0.71

Re: My Scan doesn't work

I have the windows vista, the version  is like you said, i dont know what NAV is? My previous security was Defense Center but it mostly increased the number of viruses instead decreasing them. Everytime i put on a full system or a quick scan I have a problem taking it off and the scan is making no progress.

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Re: My Scan doesn't work

Hello Ian-Vazquez

Welcome to the Norton Users Discussion Forum

NAV is Norton Antivirus program. Defence Center is not a security program. It is a rogue security program. This appears to be a new rogue security program.

Here are some instructions for removing this rogue program by bleeping computer


I would also recommend a visit to their Forum with help to remove this malware if you can't do it with the instructions given in that link above.

Please come back and let us know how you made out. Thanks.

Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit NS with BackUp I E 11

Re: My Scan doesn't work

I already taken it off by deleteing the account and making this one, It seems that when i got the Defense Center it had effected my Nortan Antivirus and made it deffective now it can only block, thats not good enough. Before i had that rogue program i had another product of Nortan but Defense Center erase it fom my computer the second it got on my computer and the biggest part is that i didn't even download it!

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Re: My Scan doesn't work

Hello Ian-Vazquez

That's the problem with rogue security programs. You don't necessarily have to download the program. All you have to do is go to an infected site or click on some sort of thing you shouldn't click on. Destroying Norton is one of the purposes that this rogue does. Creating a new account isn't going to kill this rogue. First it has to be disabled so that it doesn't start up again and then it has to be cleaned up.

Please visit BleepingComputer to have them help you clean up this infection and put Defense Center on the subject line. Here is what you do when you need help from them.

When Bleeping Computer Aid is Needed


Please follow their directions ( link I think is from Quads)

You can't run scans because you probably have the infection still and it's waiting to strike again. You need to go and get help getting this infection off of your computer. You won't be able to install your Norton product until you get this infection off of your computer.

At least please try the instructions I gave in my first post to you to follow the instructions from Bleeping Computer

Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit NS with BackUp I E 11

Re: My Scan doesn't work

I appreciate that you have help me and now i can go on with my life and go on with scans too because of your information, Thank you.

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