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Need to know what version I have

How do I find out what version of Norton I have on my computer



Re: Need to know what version I have

open norton panel.

click on help and support >> point to about

there u ll c a dialogue box indicating ur version no. :) 

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Re: Need to know what version I have

Thanks for the info. I really need to know what YEAR of Norton I have.
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Re: Need to know what version I have

Two things:

First, 2009 will begin with 16.

2008 will begin with 15

and I think it works backwards from there.

Second, why do you think you need this information?  If you are thinking of the free upgrade to 2009, it works for all versions from 2006 on.  And the earlier ones actually state their year in the about box, I believe.  But, one way or the other, the upgrade you get is not year dependent -- you will get the same 2009 product.  It's only after installation that it will tell you if you need to resubscribe or not, based on the activation number it finds.  If it doesn't find a qualifying one, it will give you the opportunity to buy one online or provide one from any other key you might own.  Just read the options carefully. (I just installed one for a client yesterday.  She had bought a 2008 toward the end of last year to be ready for an update when her subscription ran out.  She had a 2007 on her machine.  But now she wanted a 2009 without having to do a double uninstall, install for both 2008 and 2009.  No problem.  We just downloaded the update to 2009 and entered the unused 2008 activation code when we got to that point - after the reboot.)

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Re: Need to know what version I have



To find which version you are using, kindly refer to this Symantec Support Article.



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