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NIS 2009 & Antibot on Vista 64-bit

Hi all.

Just built a new pc and did a clean install of Vista Home Premium 64-bit.  I was very happy with NIS2009 on my previous pc (Vista 32-bit) so installed it straight away.  I realise some protection components don't work on 64-bit (including Sonar) so I've installed Antibot to compliment it.  A couple of issues I'd like some advice/help with though:-

1) Antibot version is 1.1.838 (config version 228) - when I check for updates it says "Time to update your 2.0 GA".  It then proceeds to download the update but after a few minutes I get the message "Norton Antibot was unable to download the update".  It's done this ever since I installed it a couple of days ago - any help would be good.

2) Was just browsing with IE7 and I got an error message saying that DEP had shut down Norton Service Framework.  NIS2009 icon then disappeared from the tray - a reboot has fixed it..  I didn't get any error messages when I was running it on 32-bit.  Not sure if this is a one off glitch or if others have experienced anything similar and any workarounds.

Please let me know if you need any further info.

Many thanks.



Re: NIS 2009 & Antibot on Vista 64-bit

If you do a search under Antibot on this board you will note several problems with conflicts.  Check the other posts to see if there was a solution that might work with your particular OS.
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