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This forum thread needs a solution.

NIS 2010 repeated finds resolved tracking cookies

I'm using XP SP3 with NIS 2010.

Within the last few days the idle scan has started coming up with Action Required windows, fix not attempted.

Generally it finds 3-4 tracking cookies: ad.yieldmanager.com, tacoda.net and sometimes insightexpressai.com. Plus an orphan cookie cleanup.

Each time I can either select OK or Apply All and it goes away and says the threat has been resolved.

The first couple of times there were actually such cookies, but they appeared to repeatedly return. I manually located all instances of such cookies and removed them. I've changed IE8, Chrome and Firefox internet options to disable 3rd party cookies and rebooted, but the idle scan continues to find these cookies. Before running the Fix, I've searched for anything like them (using a dos prompt and something such as dir c:\*tacoda* /b/s/a) and cannot find anything.

After doing the fix, if you seek out the security status of this fix the cookies do not say removed but 'not detected.'

This typically happens each time the idle scan runs, so if I do the fix then the next idle scan finds the same problem, even though I can't actually find any such cookies.

I've looked for these strings in regedit and only found them where I've added them to the Internet Options specific blocking (as suggested by others on how to disable these specific cookies).

Any suggestions? I don't believe the cookies actually exist, but the idle scan seems to think they do.




Re: NIS 2010 repeated finds resolved tracking cookies

ccleaner is a free excellent program you can google that doesnt run live and can be a great addition to your security.

It cleans up temp files, cookies etc...

Dont run the registry cleaner part which is a seperate buton you hit, unless youre experienced with such programs.

I ran ccleaner on someones recc'd here and it cleaned up cookies and temp files and old start up stuff I forgot I ever had and other programs never deleted.

As for why norton is stating what you spoke of I have no idea.  If norton is running well in all other aspects well then...prob nothing to worry about.

I dont think cookies hurt anything really but it is great to rid of them! :)

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Re: NIS 2010 repeated finds resolved tracking cookies

Hi sutclifp,

In IE cookies are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files.  You can get there in IE via Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Browsing History Settings > View files.  It is possible that Local Shared Objects, also known as Flash Cookies, are stored on your computer and are regenerating the HTTP cookies after you delete them.  You can read about LSOs and how to remove them and prevent them in the future here:



Re: NIS 2010 repeated finds resolved tracking cookies

Thanks for the two suggestions. I tried the CCleaner approach, plus I've looked at Adobe Flash global settings.

I thought the issue might have been resolved by CCleaner, since the cookie detection didn't occur again for a couple of weeks after using CCleaner. However, the problem has started again. I've fiddled with Adobe Flash global settings, although there are only 4 local objects and they all seem like they should be ok (CNN, BofA, Chase and Amazon).

Each time the idle scan finds these cookies, I can accept the fix and it says it succeeds. This inspite of the fact that when it says it's found these cookies I myself cannot find them before applying the fix.

Only the idle scan seems to find these. A full scan and my nightly scans on C: and selected other drives never finds anything to complain about.

The only real problem seems to be that the idle scan can repeatedly find the same issues, so once it starts then often every half hour or less an idle scan ends up with the same dialog. I can prevent this by leaving the dialog unanswered, which seems to keep the idle scan from rerunning even when idle.

I'm willing to consider any further thoughts. This isn't a killer but is a little annoying. I haven't tried running ccleaner daily, but the last time I ran it the very next 3 idle scans detected the same 2 cookies and an orphaned cookie. This is with all browsers closed (well, just now Explorer is open to let me access this forum, but this forum is the only tab and web page open).


Re: NIS 2010 repeated finds resolved tracking cookies

Hi, SendOfJive. I didn't fully appreciate your suggestion to view the files. I'm still unclear why view files will show cookies but otherwise the cookies can't be seen. This isn't true for all cookies, many can be found using a dir cmd or from Explorer.

Anyway, I believe I've come up with a fix. I followed 3 suggestions. One was to install CCleaner and run it with no browsers open. This didn't actually help anything by itself. A second suggestion was to install the Firefox add-on for BetterPrivacy. Running this also didn't directly fix anything. Using IE>tools>internetOptions>General.browsingHistory.settings>viewFiles showed the tracking cookies, but it turned out they couldn't be deleted by either trying to use browsingHistory.delete...cookies or by directly trying to delete the cookies from the viewFiles browser. All the delete attempts did not complain but also didn't remove anything. This is probably the reason NIS could run the Fix but it never actually removed the cookies.

Looking for undeletable cookies turned up the solution from Microsoft, at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/278835/EN-US/. This note says to close all browsers then from Start>run execute inetcpl.cpl, which opens the same dialog seen from Tools>internetOptions. With IE closed this dialog was actually able to delete the offending cookies.

It's possible that all 3 fixes helped. After deleting the cookies and rerunning both CCleaner and BetterPrivacy, I haven't seen the problem since. This was of course on top of disabling 3rd party cookies and putting specific blocks in for tacoda and yieldmanager.


Re: NIS 2010 repeated finds resolved tracking cookies

Hi sutclifp,

Glad you were able to find a solution.  In my experience the absolute best way to deal with cookies is to set your browsers to delete all cookies when closing.  In the privacy settings you can add sites that need to keep cookies, such as banking sites, to the list of allowed exceptions and those cookies will be retained.  I have actually never had Norton detect a tracking cookie.

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