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Norton 360 doesn't install

Norton 360 won't install on my computer. It's a brand new computer, literally out the box, and this is the first piece of software I've tried to install. It comes up with a message saying something along the lines of 'Norton software already detected, this will now be removed be for installing 360'. I think the software it's talking about is some sort of free trial that comes with the computer. It seems to do this ok, and then says restart your computer to continue installation. However, when it's restarted it just does the same thing again.

Any Ideas?



Re: Norton 360 doesn't install

Hi christheward, welcome to the Norton Community :-) 

If I understood your post correctly: you downloaded or bought a separate copy of Norton 360 and tried to install it on your computer? Your computer probably already has an OEM (pre-installed copy of Norton 360), which requires you to run the installer. It is a trial version for a certain number of days; when it expires, you have the possibility of renewing it by purchasing a subscription and product key on the Symantec website. It sounds like you didn't know that there is a pre-installed Norton 360 on your machine and that you tried to install a separately downloaded/bought copy of Norton 360 "on top" of it. That I understand your information correctly?

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Re: Norton 360 doesn't install

yes I bought a copy of 360, but the software the trial software isn't the full 360 package, just one component of it, I expect the virus scanner.

Re: Norton 360 doesn't install

So you installed, or tried to install, Norton 360 over the trial version? Have you got any details on the trial version (it was NOT Norton 360? Was it NIS 2009 or NAV 2009)? What kind of Norton product is it? This should be written on the specifications sheet which came along with your computer.

It looks like there's a bit of a mess on your machine after the (failed) over-install, and you might have to run the removal tool to get it off your machine and prepare for a clean install. I'll give you more instructions after confirming what kind of trial version you had on your computer.

Note: Norton products will only install cleanly over each other if they're of the same category (NIS 2010 over NIS 2009, NAV 2010 over NAV 2009, Norton 360 version 3 over Norton 360 version 2 etc.).

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Re: Norton 360 doesn't install


You will need to run the Norton removal tool twice with a reboot in between.


You should then download the latest version of N360 from the website rather than from the disc as it will save you considerable updating of the product.


Check your disc to make certain which edition of 360 you have, standard or Premier, and download the appropriate one.

It should install perfectly.

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Re: Norton 360 doesn't install

Depending on the version you have, you will need to go to one the following links to download the full installation package and save it to your computer:

Norton 360 Standard Edition 


Norton 360 Premier Edition


You will also need your Norton product key (should be indicated on the packaging of the CD).

The website of the link leading to the installers in delph's post unfortunately changed after the release of the Norton 2010 products and no longer provides direct access to the full installation packages; instead, what you get is a so-called download manager, which then downloads the rest of the files from the internet. Not so practical :-/

Instead, please download one of the packages from one of the appropriate links above and save it to your desktop; then download the removal tool, save it to your desktop and run it twice, rebooting after each run.

If you're in Vista, right-click on the removal tool icon and select "run as administrator". If you're in XP, simply double-click the icon.

The same is valid for the icon of the Norton 360 installation package after running the tool: right-click on the icon and select "run as administrator" if you're in Vista, otherwise double-click it if you're in XP.

Please tell us how it goes :-)

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Re: Norton 360 doesn't install

Cheers Guys. Got it working now.

Re: Norton 360 doesn't install

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