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Norton 360 v2 vs Norton 360 v2 premier

I simply would like to know the difference.... besides the obvious of the price.    When I moved from a bundle of Antivirus/Internet Security/Ghost there were all kinds of conflicts when trying to use Ghost instead of the miserably deficient Backup & Restore.  Anyone know if these have been fixed?



Re: Norton 360 v2 vs Norton 360 v2 premier

The premier edition provides greater secure online storage; 10gb instead of 2gb.

You can see the differences if you go here.

and then click "Cmpare related products"

I can not help on the 2nd querstion because I do not know the name or version of your bundle. the operating system you were or are intending to install upon, and the specifics of the conflicts to which you refer. I am also not entirely sure whether you mean to enquire as to whether Ghost has conflicts with Norton 360 v2 or the prior bundle you were using. However, if the former this community does have other forums dealing with other Norton products and you may wish to direct your question there.

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