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Norton 360 won't let me install a program

Good afternoon all,

I am attempting to install an online backup solution and Norton is giving me a problem.  The Os is vista premium; it was doing the same thing on a windows 7 install of the same software but I got that to work after completly stopping all of the norton services running the install and turning norton back on.

On the Vista machine, when I attempt to install the software everything goes smooth until I attmept to login.  The backup software registers a service on the machine in order to run in the background/startup and Norton is preventing the software from editing the registry (yes I understand that in order to prevent malware from screwing the registry up this is supposed to happen).   I first tried disabling UAC to no avail.  I have tried adding the program to the "safe list" as well as opening the ports in norton firewall neccesary for communicating with the backup software datacenter.  Norton has decided that even with admin rights (I miss you root) I can not install the software.  I disabled all of the Norton/Symantec services (this worked on the 7 machine) in theory disabling the norton security from preventing me from making edits to the registry; however the software is still being blocked from install.  Does anyone know the list of services in case I am missing one?  I need to kill Norton in order to perform this install.

Thank You,



Re: Norton 360 won't let me install a program

Hello 9Tech_hiro

Welcome fo the Norton Community

What program are you trying to install? There is a way to submit files to Norton so they can analyze them and put them on safe lists if they are indeed safe.

Please use this link if you think that a file is a false positive:

If there is a possibility that the file might be infected, please submit it to Symantec using this link:


Another alternative which is fast you can use Threat Expert:


(Thanks to Yaso for providing the links)

Please try this and let us know how you make out. Thanks.

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Re: Norton 360 won't let me install a program

The software is developed by my company, we provide the software to resellers so I would prefer not to specify the name of it.  needless to say i know that it is safe.  We contacted symantec, and other anti-virus vendors about getting safe-listed; however as developers we will keep that conversation and it's cost details between us.

As i said I was able to install the software on a windows 7 box by temporarily shutting down the services.  For some reason this does not work in Vista and all i can think is that I am missing a service.

Thank you


Re: Norton 360 won't let me install a program

For time being, try configuring your computer to Clean Boot mode and then install the program. Typically when you start your computer, it loads many files and programs to customize your environment. A clean boot eliminates these optional features and loads only those files and programs that are absolutely required by the operating system.

A clean boot is a troubleshooting technique that allows you to get the computer up and running so that you can perform diagnostic tests to determine which elements of the normal boot process are causing problems. This operation starts the computer by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs.


Refer to this Symantec Support Article for instructions on configuring Windows Vista to Clean Boot.



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