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Norton 360:upgrades,subscriptions and renewals

Hello All:

Let me start off by saying I am new to the forum as this is my first post so please bare with me.I have a few questions that I need answered to clear up a few issues I have.

First,I have 3 computer that Norton 360 v3.0 is installed on.2 PC's and 1 netbook as it has a 3 user product key.Since Norton 360 v4.0 has come out I see that they have a netbook edition.I currently still have a good bit of time left on my current subscription of Norton 360 v3.0 so my question is I was wondering could I upgrade my 2 PC's to Norton 360 v4.0 standard edition and my netbook to the Norton 360 v4.0 Netbook edition and still keep my current subscription because like I said earlier my Norton 360 v3.0 came with a 3 user product key?Also if it is possible to upgrade my netbook to the Norton 360 v4.0 Netbook edition where is the link to do this because it is not at the Norton update center?The update center only gives you the option to upgrade to the regular premier edition or standard edition of Norton 360 v4.0 but not the Netbook edition.

Secondly my next question is about subscription renewals.I am kind of confused about what went wrong the last time I renewed my subscription.I went to the Norton site and bought a subscription renewal code for my Norton 360 but  after I entered the code into my first computer it would not work for my second and third pc.It kept saying "invalid code."I did not understand why it would not work for the 2 and 3 PC because I thought Norton 360 had a 3 user product key.I had to end up calling Norton and letting them see that I had purchased a renewal code and they intern had to give me a product key to enter into the other computers to get the subscription renewed.So my question is this.What is the difference between a product key and a renewal code and in the future what is the best way to renew my Norton 360 so that all 3 of my computers have a current subscription and I don't have to call Norton for help on the issue? 

Any help on my matter will be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.


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Re: Norton 360:upgrades,subscriptions and renewals

Hi NKOTN1, welcome to the Norton Community :-D

Unfortunately - to my knowledge - the subscriptions for the regular version of Norton 360 and the Netbook Edition are separate; that is, a subscription for the regular version will not cover the netbook edition. There has been quite some debate about this arrangement (there was a discussion about NIS 2010 regular version and NIS 2010 Netbook Edition and that having two separate subscriptions/product categories for them is not a good idea at all).

About your second question: it looks like you got unlucky and ended up with a faulty code - this happens rarely, but it can happen. If you do not want to purchase a subscription renewal, you can instead purchase a boxed version of Norton 360 version 3 or 4 for the number of licences you need to have covered (e.g. Norton 360 for 3 PCs) and then simply use the product key which you will find on the CD sleeve just before your subscription expires. Do not let your subscription expire altogether, otherwise Norton 360 will deactivate itself and become non-functional. However, it is recommended to wait until a day or two before your subscription expires because the remaining days from your old subscription are not added to your new subscription if you renew your Norton product with a new key (when you purchase a subcription renewal, then you keep your old key, so the old days are added in that case).

You can read more about the difference between renewals, upgrades etc. over here in Symantec employee Tony Weiss's post:


Finally, if you do ever have a problem again when renewing/activating your Norton product with the product key, then instead of phoning Norton, you can contact them via their chat service (free of charge and the quickest way to get issues related to subscriptions, activations etc. resolved) at this link:


In fact, you may want to contact them about Norton 360 regular version and Norton 360 Netbook Edition to see if there's a way for you to get all your computers outfitted with Norton 360 as efficiently and hassle-free as possible.

If, as I think is the case, subscriptions for Norton 360 regular version and Norton 360 Netbook Edition are separate, then maybe it would be possible for you to install the regular version on your netbook just the same; according to Yogesh's post over here (second half), the only difference is that the Netbook Edition has a power-saving mode option, besides being adapted for small screens.

Your Norton Ladybug.

Re: Norton 360:upgrades,subscriptions and renewals

First of all thank you guru for your answer.

I just wanted to ask you do you think Norton will ever offer its Norton 360 customers a way to use the regular 360 and the netbook edition at the same time for those people that have a desktop and a netbook like myself?

Since both version come with a 3 user product key i dont see a reason why they should not let people with a netbook upgrade to the netbook edition and still keep there current subscription.I know the netbook edition just came out with Norton 360 v4.0 but i really hope they decide to let current 360 customers that have the regular version of Norton 360 on there netbooks upgrade to the netbook edition and still keep there current subscription and not have to buy a new product key just to use the netbook edition.I do have the regular Norton 360 version on my netbook and the only problem i have had with it is that the user interface screens of the 360 are a little to big for the netbook's screen.Meaning that if i open up the user interface screen to do live update the very bottom of the interface screen where it has the close,apply and back buttons are not visible.I usually just use the "X" buttom at the top of the interface most times unless i make changes that need to be saveed.In that case i have to use my mouse to move the interface screen up a little bit so i can get to the apply or save buttons that are at the bottom of the screen.Other then that i've had no issues running the regular version of Norton 360 on my netbook.

Thanks again for your time.


Re: Norton 360:upgrades,subscriptions and renewals

You're welcome :-)

I do not know if Norton will offer its customers a subscription which will cover both the regular version and the netbook edition version. I think it would be a very good idea to do so. In fact, many customers mistakenly assume that this is actually the case - when I was buying NIS 2010 Netbook Edition, the salesman told me (erroneously) that the product keys/subscriptions were interchangeable -that is, that I could use the product key of NIS Netbook Edition for the regular NIS and vice versa. (Un)fortunately for him, I already knew, thanks to this forum, that he was mistaken :-(

If you would like to submit feedback, then I think you can do this via your Norton product. I am not familiar with the interface of Norton 360, but if I open my NIS, then on the main interface, there is the option "Leave Feedback".

Edit: I managed to find a screenshot of the Norton 360 version 4 GUI over here (under "How It Works"), and there is an option called "Product Feedback" on the main interface.


Your Norton Ladybug.

Re: Norton 360:upgrades,subscriptions and renewals


I agree with you completely. We (gurus) raised this when NIS 2010 came out with a Netbook Version but so far there is no sign that marketing, who I imagine would decide this, are acting on the suggestion that a 3 PC standard version of one of the products that has a Netbook version should have KEYs that are usable on both versions.

Not many people have more than one netbook I imagine and to have to buy both versions to get the best performance out of the Norton product really prices it out of the market for most families.

By all means have a 3PC and a 1 PC of the Netbook versions so that people who need a multiple netbook version or whose only PC is a netbook can get the best Norton protection would seem to be a sensible commercial solution.

However here we deal with the technical side of things .......


Re: Norton 360:upgrades,subscriptions and renewals

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