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Norton Ghost 15 - clone disk

I have norton ghost 15 (italian version) installed on my pc (windows xp pro) and I wanted to clone the hard disk that I am running  into another empty hard disk (is this operation called "hot clone"?)...

Now I haven't with me the pc, so I can't remember the menus on the software... I chosen the clone option ("Copying one hard drive to another hard drive"), the source disk is the disk I am running (norton ghost is installed on this disk and is runnind on the version of windows that I want to clone), the destination disk is an empty disk connected on my pc via usb...

after the clone, I installed the destination disk on my pc, windows seems to start and load, but it stop loading before showing the users or the desktop, I can see only the windows logo, the mouse moves... if I reinstall the old disk, windows loads normally...

where is the problem? is it possible to do a hot clone, or must I use another pc (with norton ghost), with both hard disks connected via usb?

All I want is to have a clone disk, so If my actual hard disk crashes, I simply have to change the hard disks (I am using a removable rack tray)



Re: Norton Ghost 15 - clone disk

Hi scarsomariano,

Welcome to the forum,

The best and most effective method to safeguard your computer is to run a "Backup" onto an external drive preferably, or onto an internal drive.Ghost 15 is predominantly a computer recovery software and It is a simple matter to "reimage " your computer in case of a crash.

You can do this operation "Hot" or "Cold" your choice, recovery points can be stored on internal or external drives, most of us keep "recovery points" on external drives which can be disconnected from the computer.


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Re: Norton Ghost 15 - clone disk

scarsomariano wrote:
windows seems to start and load, but it stop loading before showing the users or the desktop, I can see only the windows logo, the mouse moves...


It sounds like you cloned into a partition with a drive letter. This is how to fix it...




Accepted Solution

Re: Norton Ghost 15 - clone disk

It worked! I used a similar solution, here it is!

I unallocated my destination disk

computer > manage > disk management > delete partition

so windows cannot see the E:\ disk, my destination disk... my destination is only unallocated space...

then I cloned the disk as usually and, after that, I installed my new disk on the pc... windows loaded correctly..

finally  I runned a scan disk to be sure my disk and the drive letter is correct.

thanks for all the help!

sorry for my bad english, It's not my language :)

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