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Norton Ghost "Recover My Computer" hangs during restore

I'm trying to use the Norton Ghost 10.0 system recovery CD to restore my

system from one of the restore points on my network server. I can restore

one of those restore points without problems, but another one (the one I really

need) hangs during the restore process at about 50% complete. There's still

network activity, but the disk activity stops and the "time remaining" counter

starts counting upwards. After several hours of this, I decided to start over and

clicked "Cancel". I got the expected warning dialog, but when I clicked "OK",

nothing changed. I had to do a hard power cycle to get the system back.

When I used the recovery point explorer from another computer (this one

running Ghost 12.0), everything looked OK at first. Then the explorer window

froze (hourglass) and the rest of the system quit responding.

Both problems are consistently reproducible with this recovery point. Is there

any other validation I can run or error log I can look at for more information?