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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton not working

Hey, new here :)

Ok, I bought a new computer saturday. Windows vista. It already had a 60 day trial of norton 360 already on it. But with the package I got with my computer, I already got the full version of norton 360.

I put in the cd to install and it said that it found another norton on the computer, and is going to delete it so it can install the new one. Fair enough...

It then asked to restart the computer, which I did. But it just keeps going through the same system time and time again! My key for norton will expire soon if I don't get this sorted :( So what happens next?!

Can anybody help me :) x



Re: Norton not working

Hi Mojo123!

Download and run the Norton Removal Tool.  It'll clean up enough of the failed install so that you should be able to install again using the CD you have. 

Click here to download NRT.

Please let me know if this works.  NRT is typically a "last resort" option, but is applicable in the case where it's failing and just asking you repeatedly to reboot.

Kindest Regards,

Brian Batovsky


Re: Norton not working

Hi Mojo123,

You can run the Norton Removal Tool. There is another way to fix it. If you are using a Vista operating system, go to C:/Program data (note that program data will be hidden in most cases) in that there will be a folder named Norton Installer. delete that folder, restart the computer and then install from the cd. It will work




Re: Norton not working

I downloaded that tool :) And it worked! Thankyou very much for the help :)

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