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Norton Safety Minder - how to crack in a few simple steps ...

Now that's got your attention. My last post was relating to the process of disabling NSM in a few simple steps. Post Disable NSM on the nsm forums. After several Symantec e'ees fobbed off us NSM users & to be honest ignored our pleas for help, we finally managed to get 2 honest e'ees who informed us that they were aware of this BUG and they were looking into it!

The bug/major flaw was (thanks again to david [dgardner] for listing it so well!):

1. While in a monitored account, disconnect from the internet (I did it by flicking the switch on the laptop that shuts off the wireless signal and I also did it through the "connect to" menu item).

2. Click NSM (dog's paw).

3. Click disable NSM

4. When asked for the "parent email" and "parent password" type anything (but you must put something in both fields)

5. Click OK

6. You will get a message

7. Ignore it and click OK

8. NSM is now disabled. reconnect to the internet and there will be no monitoring of activity.

This method also works for extending time.

That was on 4/11/09 (or in US format 11/4/09) by andrew_d [a symantec e'ee] who confirmed :

"You can expect this fix in the next version of the the Norton Safety Minder which will be released very soon"

It's now been a fortnight & NOTHING! No sign of an update nor any mention of it since then. Surely this simple flaw can be fixed in less than a few days? I would've posted this in the other thread as it is NOT closed, not until the update is released so the thread should've been left open so we could keep you informed of any other issues.

Can you pls give us a timescale of when this FLAW will be fixed, as to be honest i'd rather not beta test or use NSM at the moment as the kids are still disabling NSM at their leisure! And at the price point of $60 there are other true parental control s/ware apps out there ...

BUT as I've used NSM and bar this MAJOR issue liked it for its ease of use & clear UI. BUT if Norton can't keep us informed why should we keep holding off buying another parental control appn that actually does as it says on the tin! NSM doesn't as the other Symantec e'ees have confirmed, it IS NOT a parental control app'n - at the moment! - what I need is can you guys keep us posted off when the updates will happen, for me my main concern is the disabling of NSM. Can you please therefore not close off this thread UNTIL the update has been posted online!

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Re: Norton Safety Minder - how to crack in a few simple steps ...


Certainly you have to understand why we wouldn't put an exact date on when an update or resolution to an issue will be posted. You are concerned about a specific issue, however there are other items that have to be taken care of as well at the same time.

So to your point, yes for sure the forum will be informed as soon as we post an update for this and other issues.


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