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Norton using too much memory in common files

Hello there.

I have Norton Anti-Virus version for BT Yahoo! Broadband, and I have a problem concerning the amount of hard drive space it is taking up. I have a PC with 60GB space and yet despite constant disk cleans and maintainence, I have noticed that Norton Anti-Virus takes up a massive 30GB of the space: pretty much half.

The exact locations of these massive folders are C/Program Files/Common Files/Symantec Shared/VirusDefs, and the files are in in folders marked "temp" or just random numbers.

I was wondering that since these files are taking up so much space, are some safe to delete (without compromising the program) and if so, how do I go about this?

Thank you. =]



Re: Norton using too much memory in common files


Please see this thread for a similar issue:


Also, have you tried the following steps:

1) Open Control Panel.

2) Select "Symantec LiveUpdate"

3) Select the "Update Cache" tab.

4) Select "Remove All Files From Cache", then click OK.

You might also be eligible for an upgrade to the latest version, which is far lighter on system resources.

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