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Norton won't scan

Here's what happened. Today Norton showed me that auto protect blocked twice Backdoor.Tidserv, filename smthg: sprquftivn.tmp. After that when I try to do a full system scan it says no viruses, spyware or other risks were found, but it scans like only 5000 files or so. Custom scan doesn't work. Says the same thing and 0 files scan.


I tried scanning in safe mode: same result.


Downloaded  Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware finds some trojans but even after removal norton still won't work.


I have already read many topics on this, but still haven't found the right answer.




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Re: Norton won't scan

Which version and product of Norton do you have?
2009 products have a Recovery Disk, which is a bootable "windows" on a CD having the norton program you bought on it, and it can scan your windows.

The other thing I will try to do is a Clean Boot (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310353), and when windows is booted up, go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services, and start your Norton product.
If it still can't run the scan from the norton ui, stop the process.
Click on Start -> Run, and in the "text box" write navw32.exe /a (maybe you have to give the full path for it...), and hit Enter. This way you can start a manual full system scan. This can be done in safe mode too.
If you have done everything, open msconfig, and set everything back to a normal boot.

Let us know the result ;)

Windows 10 Hungarian, Norton Internet Security v22.9.0.71

Re: Norton won't scan

If, after following PapauZ's instructions, there are still problems, please update Malwarebytes, disable system restore, disconnect from the internet and run another scan.  You will be able to find the results of the scan in a log under the logs tab.  You can paste it here for us to see what is still infected.
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