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Phising turned off

I have Norton 2009 Internet security on my computer with 2 different user accounts...phising protection worked on both user accounts until last week. On the administrator account, it still works..(says it is turned on).on the other user account.. I get an error message saying it is off and I can not turn it back on..this just started out of the blue. Is it on or off?? If it is on on the admin account does it cover all users on the computer?

Why out of the blue did I get an error message that it is off and it will not let me turn it back on?



Re: Phising turned off

I think, the issue is with the other User Account- due to lack of administrative privilages. If the other User Account is having limited privilages(non-admin), then the Windows won't let you to configure certain Security settings. This is set by Windows as a default setting for non-admin users. Try running the Internet Explorer with Administrative Privilages(Right-click on IE icon in the desktop and select Run as Administrator).


Re: Phising turned off

The user never had admin rights but it was turned on before. It just turned itself off and this user still cannot gain the rights to reset

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Re: Phising turned off

Hi athenaxena

Could you please check the Symantec add-ons status in IE for the user account where Anti-phishing is turned-off?

Please ensure that the following add-ons are enabled in IE.

•    Norton Toolbar
•    Symantec NCO BHO

If any of the above add-ons is disabled in Internet explorer, then the Anti-phishing feature will be disabled.


Re: Phising turned off

Hi.  ok dumb question... how do i tell if phishing protection is on or off... I used to be able to se eit on my toolbar when i pulled up the internet but i havent seen it there for a while. My Norton says its' antisphishing is turned on but what happened to it being seen in the toolbar at the top?
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Re: Phising turned off

Hi sammmm-

Norton Safe Web is a new feature that affects the toolbar display and provides protection while browsing websites.

The toolbar will show a gray question mark icon if *both* Norton Antiphishing and Norton Safe Web are off.

It will also display a button to turn Antiphishing back on if you click the gray question mark icon.

Prior to introducing Norton Safe Web, just turning off Norton Antiphishing would cause the toolbar to display the gray question mark icon.


Matt Powers

Symantec Corp.


Re: Phising turned off

Hi athenaxena -

Are you running IE 8?

Just curious.

CompumindNIS 2009, XP-SP3, Vista-SP2, IE 8

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