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Please help - trojan caused big problems!

My computer has just had a massive freak-out.

Everything I had open closed down and something called Vista Security something - can't remember the exact name - came up. It looked like it was scanning and finding threats all over the place, but it isn't something I've seen before.

I opened up Norton 360 and told it to scan, it found a trojan and came up with the option to fix it. It was the familiar box that usually comes up for tracking cookies. I clicked on fix and the other windows to do with the Vista Security thing disappeared immediately so I'm assuming that was the trojan.

The problem is, now nothing works...

Internet explorer does, but that's about it. I've tried to start Norton 360, Firefox, Gimp, Calculator... everything comes up with the "open with..." dialog box wanting to know what program to launch it in as if it's a file, not a program. I also get the same box if i try to open a new tab or window in internet explorer, saying the file i'm trying to open is ssvagent.exe.

I've tried reinstalling Norton 360 but it wants to update first and that bit won't work.

I've no idea what to do, any help would be hugely appreciated



Re: Please help - trojan caused big problems!

Hi, I recently had a Fake anti-virus install on my machine Vista Internet Security 2010, it kept running fake scans and kept poping up and tried to block me from accessing the internet. I resulted to doing a system restore, i followed a guide from the internet.  Removal Guide for Vista Internet Security

Kind Regards,



Re: Please help - trojan caused big problems!

What's your operating system??

And what was the Norton gave the file it detected as??

Did you run a Registry fix for the .exe associations??



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