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Product key will not work on my laptop

Trying to get my product key to work on my laptop for 2 years, still unable to and my subscription ends in march. It always says invalid key and it is very hard to find anyone to communicate with in this laberynth of pages. Does anyone at Norton care about the customer? Ken Wells.



Re: Product key will not work on my laptop

Hi ken

Yes it can be a pain finding your way around here...your best bet is to go to norton online chat as they deal with product key issues,it may take a little while or be really quick just persevere and I hope all will go well


Cheers Mo Windows 7 64 bit, NIS2013

Re: Product key will not work on my laptop

Hi Mercurymedia

Which product are you trying to activate and what year and version? Is the license for one computer? What operating system and service pack? If it is for more than one computer, how many computers has it been installed on?

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Re: Product key will not work on my laptop

I have norton antivirus 2007 installed on two computers. It was installed on my laptop, but then Norton somehow uninstalled it or at least it won't accept the key that I use for the other computers. In my account it tells me I have two computers with the antivirus and one available. My real problem is that it is so difficult to get help.

On the side it tells you to go to support but not where the support is located. It gets you into a never ending loop.

My next question will be when I buy a new antivirus software on March 28 2010 "is there any customer support"


Re: Product key will not work on my laptop

Customer Support is very good with subscription issues.  Here, there isn't much we can do to help with those.  For everything else, there is always someone here.  Don't hesitate to make yourself at home.  There is even a separate forum to help with questions that don't specifically relate to Norton, on Tech Outpost.


On considering this further:

You may have had an OEM version on the laptop that expired and can't be activated with a regular key.  You are also eligible to upgrade to the newest version if you still have a valid activation key for 2007,  It will allow you to run 2010 for the remainder of the subscription.  That would give you a good opportunity to try it out.  Your other laptops can also be upgraded the same way.

You can download the newest NAV here and hold it on your desktop.


For older versions you should use the Norton Removal Tool, twice with a reboot after each.

Then you should be able to get a successful installation.  Do check with customer service chat to make sure that the activation is still outstanding before you strip off your anitvirus.

Let us know how it goes.

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