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Recovery Disk won't boot (Win XP)

I downloaded the Norton Recovery Tool, and created a CD-R with the ISO image. 

Recovery disk starts to boot, but gives following error:

Window Boot Manager

Status: 0xc00000e9

unexpected I/O error

(there is also more text in the error msg, stating something about checking to make sure removable drives are connected, etc.)

How do I correct this?

Message Edited by DavidMac on 12-22-2008 11:31 AM


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Re: Recovery Disk won't boot (Win XP)

Hi David,


Sometimes, you may receive this error from a bad burn of the iso or a corrupt downloaded iso image. Remove the downloaded iso image, disable the firewall, download the iso image once again and burn it to a CD. Also, if you have external/usb based devices attached to the system, try removing those and start again. Windows OS might be trying to detect which is causing the error.






Re: Recovery Disk won't boot (Win XP)

Thanks Yogesh.  I did try to make a new boot CD on a different computer, it worked fine.  

Now a new problem:  after the scan none of my programs will run.  They try to load but they freeze up.


Re: Recovery Disk won't boot (Win XP)

Hi Davidmac,


Good to know that you are able to create new boot CD on a different computer. Do you have any  Norton program installed on that computer? If so, run LiveUpdate repeatedly until you receive the message that no more updates are available and then run a full system scan. It will be better if you can provide information about Security programs installed in your computer.


If the issue persists, try to boot into Last Known Good Configuration.

Restart the computer and as soon as the computer starts, tap the F8 key repeatedly  until the Windows Advanced Options menu appears. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select Last Known Good Configuration, and then press Enter.



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