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remove subscription warning popup

Annoying "norton internet security subscription warning" popup has an expiration date that does not match the date on my account.  how do you update the information or remove the warning/popup.



Re: remove subscription warning popup

I'm not sure what you mean. Do you think that you are entitled to more days in your subscription? The subscription popup appears when you have less than 45 days in your subscription. Is the date listed for your subscription in the Norton AntiVirus application less than 45 days from now? If so, then LiveUpdate is doing the right thing.

If you think you should have more than 45 days left on your subscription you need to contact customer support. We can't solve subscription/licensing issues on the forums because we need to verify account and purchase information.

Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec

Re: remove subscription warning popup

It's not being reminded n advance that is a nuisance; it's a) the interruption of your work and b) breaking the train of  creative thought by very frequent nagging reminders that keep popping up and demanding action before the screen is cleared.  Numerous annoying nags may persuade some subscribers to switch to other software.

Please consider these suggested changes:  

Option 1:  build-in a new preference to allow the subscriber to set the frequency and/or timing of reminders

Option 2:  do not start reminders until 10 days before subscription expiration

Respectfully, NormN

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