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This forum thread needs a solution.

Severe bug with FF 32 & NS


There is a MAJOR issue affecting XP & FF 32.02.

When I hover the mouse cursor over the Norton Safe Web icons, the FF border window becomes like de-activated, if you click on it, it activates again, BUT when you close FF it throws a message "The reference... at...memory...could not be read. Click ok to terminate the program".

Expected behavior is when a user hovers the mouse cursor over the safe web icons, as long as the cursor is on top of the icon, FF window is momentarily deactivated BUT if the cursor moves away from the icon, FF window should be active again. It's not the case.

Same thing when opening FF for the first time, priot to NS installation, and select in the Norton Toolbar to disable the Safe Share setting. When browser closes, same error message as before.

It's something with the FF app container.

I uninstalled NS 3 times, same for FF 32, EXACT same behavior.

Please fix... (I hope that there will not be any "smart" dude here to post that XP has reached EOL, because NS system requirements clearly state that XP is supported).

Can anyone reproduce it and report back??




Re: Severe bug with FF 32 & NS

Could a mod move this post to the Norton Security board please??



Re: Severe bug with FF 32 & NS

I forgot to add that the error message I'm getting when closing FF is nsapp:Event Window if this helps.

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