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Stop advertising on my PC

I have norton security and now it seems it pops up norton oroduct advertising every so often.

Well, STOP IT.

This is absurd.

I paid for this norton software and I won't make the same mistake twice.  I don't pay for software to then have it serve advertisements on my pc.

I really liked norton until now.

Also, I don't want that stupid monthly report popping up.  Instead, I like it silent and staying in the background unless something important has happened.

I won't be upgrading or renewing.



Re: Stop advertising on my PC

Just turn off Special Offer Notification in Settings -> Misc settings


Re: Stop advertising on my PC


You don't say which Norton Product and version you are using but on NIS 2010 that happens still to be on my XP machine that I'm using at the moment you can turn off the Monthly Report in Settings / Miscellaneous settings ......

Please tell us what you are using and what version of Windows if you have any more questions.


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