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topic description in Subject field not always present

The subject line contents of one of my topics does not always appear.  The "optimization..." topic which I posted yesterday in the Norton 360 forum is sometimes displayed and sometimes not displayed.  This is likely why more than a day passed before someone gave a first response to the subject.  When a subject is not displayed for a topic, members may be suspicious and not open the topic to read it.  Also, while the topic-subject was not displayed, the hyperlink for the topic seems to be very small.  Members may float the mouse pointer in the region and not find evidence of a hyperlink (because it was too small to find easily).


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Re: topic description in Subject field not always present

If you are browsing the Norton Forum using Internet Explorer 8, then please turn on 'Compatibility View' as per the instructions here.

I agree with you; the lack of a Subject line on your thread does appear disconcerting. However, the upshot is that the syntax of your thread's Subject line may actually help the Norton Forum administrators resolve the issue as to why this forum doesn't display properly when using IE8 in 'normal' mode..

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