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Transfer passwords to another computer

My computer crashed, but hard drive is Ok.  I have Norton 360 version 2 on the computer that crashed.  The old OS was XP.  Is there anyway that I can transfer my passwords to a new computer with windows 7 OS? Can I transfer my old subscription to the new computer?



Re: Transfer passwords to another computer

Hi Efsads,

Yes, you can transfer your old subscription to your new computer. Since your new computer has got Windows 7 installed it, only Norton 360 version 3.5 is compatible with Windows 7. Please download and save the appropriate edition of Norton 360 version 3.5 from one the links below to your computer:

Norton 360 Standard Edition version 3.5


Norton 360 Premier Edition version 3.5


You will also need your Norton 360 product key to activate Norton 360 after installation; you can fetch your key from your Norton account:


When it is time to activate Norton 360 after installing it, you will have to type in your product key; Norton 360 will then pick up your remaining subscription days.

About your passwords: do you mean your Identity Safe passwords? Did you back them up, for instance, to an external drive (as an NPM file)? If that isn't the case, then you can look at jlatino0's post over here (although written for NIS, it should apply to Norton 360 as well):


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Re: Transfer passwords to another computer

They are Safe Passwords and they were in the Norton system.  Not sure whether Norton was able to be backed on to separate hard drive, but did back up hard drive. Also, old hard drive should be salvageable.
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Re: Transfer passwords to another computer

Search the old harddrive for IDDStore.dat and IDDStore_bak.dat.  Copy these files to the new system; you should be logged out of Identity Safe when you do this and turn N360's Tamper Protection OFF before you copy the files to the new system (these should be located in the \ProgramData\Norton\{long key number}\N360_v3.5.2.11\IdentitySafeDataStore\{System User ID Number} directory in Win7).  Once you copy them, turn the Tamper Protection to ON and reboot your system.  Check to see if you can log into Identity Safe and your passwords are there.
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Re: Transfer passwords to another computer

Hi Efsads,

If you did not back up your Identity Safe profile or data, or if the data is not retrievable in any other way, then your passwords are lost. Otherwise, you can follow the instructions in jlatino0's post indicated in my previous post. To install Norton 360 on your new computer, you can follow the instructions I indicated earlier.

Also, should you receive a message saying that you have exceeded the number of activations allowed when activating Norton 360 after installation, please go to Symantec Customer Support, explain the situation to them and they will sort out the issue for you. You can chat with Customer Support for free at this link:


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