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Transferring lisence to another computer?

I recently installed the new 2009 Norton Antivirus & Spyware software on my old computer and would like to transfer that license to my "new to me" computer.  I have the installation disc with license key and want to know how to perform this task?  Any help would be appreciated.



Re: Transferring lisence to another computer?

I'm assuming you plan not to use the old PC since you say "transfer" and so the simple way it to contact Customer Support tell them what you want to do and they will cancel the old KEY activation so you can use the KEY again.

Of course if you have a 3PC version and don't need the other two you can just use one of them to install on the new PC and then contact Customer Support to recover the old subscription.

To contact customer support Click on this link and work on from there.

You can choose CHAT or Email; phone may have a long wait time.

Note that that link is to the USA/CAN website so if you are located elsewhere I'm sure you will be able to find the equivalent location on your local Symantec website; some pages have a link at the top right where you can select the country you are located in.

Rather than use the CD you have which will not be the most recent version you may like to download this file -- if you are in the USA/CAN -- and install it. At the moment it is although there is a later that is being trickle fed out as an update so may not reach you as soon as you install and update.

 Click on this link NIS 2009 if you are in the USA/CAN

if you are not in the USA/CAN let us know and we will help you find the local source.


Re: Transferring lisence to another computer?

Hi Nori,


Just uninstall Norton 2009 program from the old computer(from Add/Remove Programs), download a Trailware of the same Norton 2009 computer from the Symantec Trailware Page,  install the trailware and activate it using the Product Key from the CD sleeve. You may get the latest version of NOrton 2009 product when you download it from the Symantec Web site rather than installing from CD. If you have any other AntiVirus software already installed in the new computer, please uninstall it before installing your Norton 2009 program. If you face any issues with activation/instalation, then only you need to contact the Customer Services. Let us know the results.



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