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What is this Blacklist site?


I am constantly getting an email about this blocked website that is blacklisted that my kids are trying to access yet it's at times when they are not even on the computer.  A perfect example of this is Julianne's log showing at 9:07pm she attempted to visit site yet she was logged off & I was on.

~Also when I attempt to go onto this site to see what it is it doesn't come up?  Should I be concerned?  Is someone trying to access my computer?

Addt'l Info:

OS = Windows 7 // 64 bit.  In addition to Norton (which I LOVE!!) I have SuperAntiSpyware & WinASO Registry Defense.



Re: What is this Blacklist site?

Hi debi313,

It sounds like you have some software installed on the PC and they keep checking back with their server 

http://ocsp.comodoca.com and Norton Safety Minder records these activities as it should.  Please read the links below for details.





Thanks Katie

Re: What is this Blacklist site?

Thank you Katie for your response.

I attempted to remove the software but found nothing thatsaid oscp or comodoca.  Any suggestions on what it might say or what it may be called?

Thanks again


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