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Windows 7 -\uistub.exe

I'm running Inernet Security 2010 on Windows 7 and Norton has died - giving me the error many w XP have had - "c:\program files\norton internet security\engine\\uistub/exe" and "unspecified error." I went to Live Update on the Norton Site and got the message that no Norton product was detected on my computer but when I put the disk in, I received options for uninstalling Norton's.  Is Norton's there or is it gone????  I saw XP users were advised to uninstall and reinstall Norton's - does this apply for Windows 7 also?  Thanks - skt.


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Re: Windows 7 -\uistub.exe

Hello skt and welcome!

This is not meant to sound silly, but have you tried restarting you computer? Is your subscription up to date?

If the problem persists, then I would uninstall and reinstall:

1) Be sure to have a copy of your Norton Activation Key handy or saved in your Norton Account online.

2) If you use Identity Safe, export your Identity Safe data to a convenient location.

3) Download the current version of NIS 2010 here and Save it to your desktop.

Note that this link is to the USA/CAN website so if you are located elsewhere I'm sure you will be able to find the equivalent location on your local Symantec website; some pages have a link at the top right where you can select the country you are located in.

If you have any other Norton Products installed, you should not use the Norton Removal Tool.**

**In this case, you should remove NIS via Add-Remove Programs, Programs & Features or Start > All Programs > Norton Internet Security > Uninstall.

4) Download the Norton Removal Tool here and Save it to your desktop.

5) Turn ON the Windows Firewall. (This is only for temporary protection while you remove NIS)

6) Run the Norton Removal Tool at least twice with a restart in between.

7) Install NIS 2010 - your activation key may automatically be picked up. If not, you can enter it near the completion of the installation.

8) Perform a manual Run Live Update a few times until you get the message that no more updates are available.

Let us know how you do.

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