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NIS 2011 and latency.

Hello, there is little problem:



Processor: i5-2500k

M/B: ASRock P67 Pro3(B3)
Memory : DDR3 2x2Gb_1600Mhz KHX1600C9D3K2/4GX
Video: HIS HD5850 (H585FNT1GD)
Sound: Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
CD/DVD/RW: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7260S
Monitor: 1920х1080 Benq G2320HDB
HDD: Hitachi HDS721050CLA362 (500Gb, SATA2)
MAXTOR STM3500320AS (MX1A)(500Gb, SATA2)
Power: Cooler Master RS-650-ACAA-E3 GX(650Вт)
Wheel : Logitech Formula Force GP
GamePad: Logitech F710

NIS 2011



Re: NIS 2011 and latency.

picture of the problem:


Re: NIS 2011 and latency.

Have you got the Smart Screen filter turned on or off.  On the Latency website, there only seems to be a discussion about the effects of hardware drivers rather than software.  It could be that Norton is inhibiting, or conflicting with video or graphics drivers, to produce what you are seeing.  See also, if disabling Intrusion protection reduces the effect.

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Re: NIS 2011 and latency.

Only the complete removal of NIS2011 solves the problem.

Tried NIS2012 (beta) - the same thing.

With other programs of this type (for example KIS2011 and KIS2012 (beta)) everything is fine.


Re: NIS 2011 and latency.

Hello ZAM

What security program did you have installed before NIS 2011? How was the previous security program removed? If it wasn't properly removed using the control panel method and the removal tool from the other company, it could interfere with the installation of NIS 2011.

The use of NIS 2012 beta should only be used on a test machine.

Did you try KIS 2011 and once again a beta program before or after NIS 2011?  Did you use the proper removal tools? Thanks

Did you try testing out the various things mentioned in your picture on the right?

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Re: NIS 2011 and latency.

1. Install Win7x64 (SP1) + all the drivers (chipset, sound, video, network card, USB device ...) + all update for windows  + IE9 - latency OK.
2. Install NIS2011 - "latency jump"(only in IE9), as shown above.
3. uninstall NIS2011 - latency OK.

4. Install KIS2011 or KIS2012(BETA) - latency OK.
Sorry for the very poor English. (Google translator)

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