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Norton Online Family and Fatherhood

I haven't made a post on here in a while, and there's a good reason.  I've been keeping my head down, working hard with my teammates on Norton Online Family.  Now that the beta has been released you can see the fruits of our labor for yourselves.


I am really excited about this product.  I'm not a parent yet, but my wife is expecting our first child at the end of July so I have spent a lot of time over the last year or so thinking about what type of father I aspire to be as well as thinking broadly about the unique problems related to keeping your family safe online.  I'm no parenting expert but the guiding principals of Norton Online Family make a lot of sense to me. 


It's about transparency.  It's about promoting communication between the parent and the child.  It's about educating parents and helping kids learn how to make safe decisions online. 


So far the beta has been getting great reviews.  I can honestly say that working really hard is much easier when you truly believe in the vision that has been laid in front of you.  Norton Online Family is certainly such a product for me and I'm really interested to hear from all of you about what you think and how we can make it even better and more useful for you. 

If you want to check out the beta just head over to the website and sign up.  After you set up your family you will be able to download the software that goes onto your children's machines.

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I have had Norton 360 for several years on my home desktop and laptop. I was hit with a virus this weekend, (windows security alert) and was quite disappointed that it got through 360, and subsequent, that I would have to pay a fee for removal. I found a free download and removed the virus myself. Maybe I am just a fumble fingered novice, but it does not seem logical to pay good money for protection that doesn't protect, and then discover I need to pay to remove the problem.