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Is Norton Getting Out Of The Cloud Business?

Claire Dean, Sr. Director of Global Marketing for Norton Zone, took a moment to address customer questions and concerns regarding the recent decision to remove Norton Zone from Norton's product line-up. 

Last week we announced the discontinuation of one of our cloud services called Norton Zone. I’ve been working on the Zone project for my entire four years at Symantec and when I told my friends that we made the decision to discontinue it, many had the same reaction: What? Norton is getting out of the cloud?

My answer? Absolutely not.

Zone is only one cloud service, among many, that Symantec offers under the Norton brand. Our decision to discontinue that one service in no way reflects a move away from the cloud. That would not be a smart move on our part. Cloud services are on the rise because more and more people are using mobile phones and tablets to communicate, access information, and share a lot of stuff. It’s the “cloud” that’s the backbone of all those apps.

So what’s in the Norton Cloud?

There are parts of our security services that are actually “in the cloud” or use the cloud to work on your behalf. A great example is Norton Online Backup. It backs up all your files to the cloud. That way, if a natural disaster occurs or your hard drive that you used to back up your files crashed, your files are safe with us. Online Backup is also part of Norton 360. And we use the cloud to safeguard your smartphone with Norton Mobile Security.

Symantec also has a service called Norton Family that lets you keep your kids safe when they are online.  Another service is Norton ID Safe that helps you manage your identities and provide additional security while you perform online transactions.

I could go on and on (and I’m not even mentioning the cloud services we offer to businesses and larger enterprises).

Suffice it to say that Symantec is not getting out of the cloud. We’ll continue to deliver services to you that use the cloud—securely—so you can boldly go wherever you want with whatever you’re carrying—smartphone, tablet, laptop—and know that you’re safe.

For more information regarding the discontinuation of the Zone product, please visit the FAQ.


I run Apple devices, and I want to share what I experienced and researched. During an elaborate and lengthy cyberattack, the ICloud account was a big problem. Hackers LOVE storage, and there's a great deal of storage in ICloud. I watched with law enforcement as the attacker dumped hundreds of files into ICloud. Entrance into the ICloud assures total access to all areas of your personal data, so from a security standpoint it can be a nightmare. Please keep these risk factors in mind before you commit, as this is not a virus situation, but more definitively serious due to remote access enabling take over of your device. Settings can be altered, and it affords carte blanche to any app or account you own. Most people use the Cloud without a problem. Fact is, you can become a target of intrusion at the blink of an eye. "This has been a cybercrime public service reminder"