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Latest patch, wifi adapter not working

I am running Windows 8.1 and Norton Security. Yesterday, I did a live update and a patch was available that I applied.  Afterwards, I was no longer able to connect to my wireless router. I can see the router, and it is still set to auto connect.  When I tell it to connect, I am informed "cannot connect to this network".  It was fine prior to the patch.  I am connected via ethernet right now.  I tried a restore thinking it would back out the patch.  Nope.  Instead, I had a problem with Sonar and had to use NRnR to remove and reinstall.  That fixed that issue, but not wifi.  I have tried to troubleshoot with windows tools - says it cannot be fixed.  I need help please.



Re: Latest patch, wifi adapter not working


Has this been any help?


When I Googled it, it brought me to the page for Win 7 since that is what I have. You would get the page for your o/s. You probably have to reinstall a driver for your adapter.


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Re: Latest patch, wifi adapter not working

jan :-)

Have you looked at your router's manufacturer's support website. I use a NETGEAR and they have a program called Genie. The type of issue you  describe has happened to me and Genie is usually able to fix it.

If no help from your manufacturer trying Genie may be worth a shot. It's unlikely to work with a product other than NETGEAR but it might be worth a try.


In any event you should go to your manufacturer's support page, you are likely to find troubleshooting tips there.

[I am currently not using NS so I can't say if the issue was specifically caused by the update. I'm using FireFox 41 and waiting for the NS Toolbar Fix to reinstall NS.]

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