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I am debating whether or not to purchase this app, as my free trial is expiring. I have used the free trial for years and have noticed since Katie Q is no longer employed, the value of app is not what is used to be. I follow along every question asked in this forum and have noticed that multiple questions from the community go unanswered. This never happened prior to her leaving. I also find a lot of times that questions will be answered by people who are not employees and then the employees will not respond with an answer because they feel the other persons answer is suffice and can skip the question. I do not want to put money into something that I am not getting quality service from and because of this want to know what the refund policy is before I make a commitment. Is there a number to reach someone at Norton, if a question is not answered on this forum? Can someone please answer this question so that I can make my final decision?


Thanks very much!



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Hello Chec, 

I think the other post had a similar link, but this is our policy on refunds:


Also you have been running the trial which is not a watered down or partially working product, it has all the features of the full paid product. That should give you an indication of how the product works etc.

As for the community the entire purpose of the community is to have one, not just a location for Symantec employees to respond but for the community to have a place to communicate. I don't agree with your statement about multiple questions going unanswered, in fact we encourage our engineers and other employees to respond and participate in the community.

For your final question, a quick google search would have brought you to the following support page which includes chat, forums and local phone numbers. https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/contact

Feel free to contact me directly, all my information is in my profile.

Matt Boucher
Sr. Director of Engineering
Cloud Services / Norton Family



Thank you for your response. I will keep this info for future reference. I still stand by my comment that multiple questions go unanswered. I'm not talking about a specific time period. Its just what ive experienced since using this product. If you scroll through, you will see some questions still unanswered or not answered by an employee. I feel if I have to pay for a product, I want and expect an answer from an employee. I don't want them to just skip my question because they see someone, who is not an employee, answered the question. I have seen numerous times that if Soul Asylum answers, there is no response from Norton. I just saw this scrolling through the forum. I don't mind his help at all and greatly encourage it, but i also want a response from the people I am paying. Like I said, I read every question that comes through, as it will help me if i get in those situations and have had, from time to time, respond to these questions with a "Will this question be answered" or something of the like, just to get a response and this is a long period after the question was asked. I do appreciate your quick response. Thanks very much!


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